First gameplay of Soul Worker Academia from CBT

SoulWorker Academia Mobile Action MMORPG First Gameplay

The mobile fantasy MMORPG Soul Worker Academia entered the closed beta testing phase on the 18th of September. This stage takes place only in South Korea and will last until the 26th of September. Only users who have received invitations can take part in the testing. There is no information yet on the release of Soul Worker Academia on the global market.

Unlike the original computer game Soul Worker, the developers consider this spin-off as the full-fledged MMORPG. The most time of the gameplay process is focused on the completion of different quests in the instances.

The first videos showing the actual gameplay of SoulWorker Academia have already appeared on different websites, and most of the footage is shared by players. The first video is published on the official YouTube channel of the video game webzine Inven.

The second video is shared by Artenity X2 on YouTube, and it shows the gameplay for all characters.