First gameplay trailer of Crimson Desert will be revealed at TGA 2020

Crimson Desert Gameplay Trailer The Game Awards 2020

Pearl Abyss announced that the new gameplay trailer of the upcoming fantasy MMORPG Crimson Desert would be presented at The Game Awards 2020. The trailer of an MMORPG will show the gameplay with all small details and all the novelties. Earlier, the developers only revealed a cinematic trailer, not reflecting the real gameplay. You can find more information about the project, watch trailers and learn the gameplay features on the official website prepared by Pearl Abyss.

Crimson Desert is an open-world fantasy MMORPG of AAA class, created with an aim on consoles, PC and streaming game platforms. The game is the new flagship of Pearl Abyss after Black Desert.

Crimson Desert is not a prequel or a sequel to Black Desert, as you might think: the events of this game will take place in one universe. Players will be allowed to run a squad of mercenaries, who can participate in all aspects of gameplay from craft to the protection of the player. The developers also promise large-scale battles, trade and the ability to abstract from the story, teaming up with other users.

Crimson Desert The Game Awards Gameplay Trailer
The new project developed by Pearl Abyss looks even more fascinating than their famous MMORPG Black Desert

The project is created by Pearl Abyss using a new high-tech engine, and the game will be a kind of demonstration of it. The developers promise to show significant differences from traditional MMORPG. According to the developers, Crimson Desert reflects the ideas and experience gained during the work on Black Desert, which, in turn, has demonstrated promising potential on various platforms.

Initially, the project was called Project CD and was designed as a global console-oriented AAA game. Later the name was changed from code name to Crimson Desert. Even though Crimson Desert was initially mentioned as a console product, the game was officially announced as a multiplatform MMORPG. The game may provide cross-platform features.