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FlyFF Review

By BwwDtt | 06 March 2020
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FlyFF (Fly For Fun) is a Korean fantasy MMORPG, which provides players with the unique opportunity of free-roaming flight.

  • Unlimited flight feature
  • Immersive well-balanced combat
  • Many social systems
  • Player-driven economic system

FlyFF Gameplay

FlyFF is a unique Korean MMORPG, which provides players with unique gameplay, based on the option of unlimited flight with the help of the specific tools. This option is used in almost every aspect of the game; for example, many combat skills can be used when you’re flying on a broom or board. You will use this feature most of the time, even during the quest completion or grind, which are other significant activities. The quests in this project are used not only to ease the character development but also to immerse players into the gameplay and tell them more about the game universe. Unlike many other RPGs, the plot of FlyFF is not directed to players straightforward — you will have to explore the world through dialogues with NPCs, in-game notes and missions.

This game features a sophisticated system of character development, which is released in the form of level-restricted jobs. There are classes of melee, long-ranged and magic skills; the abilities of your hero are improved and smoothly changed depending on the previous choices of the specialization. Still, all of the skills can’t be honed to the maximum until you reach the maximum level of the character, so you will have to take your time training. The class and stage of the development of your character influence on the aspects of your gameplay, so that gained experience will always be different and new.

The combat skills are used not only for PvE battles and completion of the quests — one of the most exciting and immersive activities of FlyFF is PvP. The duel battles are not restricted by any penalty so that most of the highly experienced players spend their time battling with each other and proving their mastery of the combatant. Also, there is an open PvP arena where all participants of the combat can fight with each other freely.

Players in FlyFF can communicate not only in PvP: there are many social-based features from classic guilds to marriage and unique lord system. Most of the gamers gather up into big groups called guilds. It’s popular not only because of the companionship but also because of the valuable profits of the membership. Also, there are several only guild-available game modes: a Siege, where players can participate in a battle for a specific area, and Clockwork Wars, a specific dungeon with unique challenges. For the most enthusiastic players, FlyFF has a Lord system: the player-chosen Lords can run different events on servers and entertain other gamers.

Moreover, FlyFF has some specific social systems or those who more than anything values social interaction. The game provides an opportunity to marry another player and receive exclusive gifts. Also, there is a Mentor/Pupil system: you can either find a teacher or a pupil and train together, which increases the amount of gained experience dramatically and opens access to limited prizes.

FlyFF Classes

All of the players start with the class called Vagrant — it’s a default profession which doesn’t affect anything.

  • Acrobat — ranged melee class, which use yo-yos and bows to slay enemies. These heroes can choose to train one of those weapons during the job choice.
  • Magician — magic ranged class of spellcasters. Magicians can specialize in different kinds of elemental arcana arts.
  • Assist — the main support class. These heroes can concentrate on healing or close combat.
  • Mercenary — the most casual class of brave warriors, who can develop the offensive or defensive skills.

FlyFF System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 512MB
  • Graphics Card: 128MB DirectX 9.0
  • CPU: Pentium-III 800MHz
  • File Size: 3.5GB
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 1GB
  • Graphics Card: 256 MB DirectX 9.0
  • CPU: Pentium-IV 1.2gHz
  • File Size: 4GB
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7