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Forge of Empires Review

By BwwDtt | 20 December 2019
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Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game, featuring different historical settings and comprehensive system of economics.

  • Single-player campaign
  • Immersive, dynamic gameplay
  • Many social-based activities
  • Picturesque and colourful graphics

Forge of Empires Gameplay

Forge of Empires is a strategy game that provides an opportunity to create a unique city and develop it through centuries, from the Stone Age to the space ages. It also features turn-based SLG elements. The main goal of the player is to create the most powerful city and raise from the tutorial quests of the archaic epoch to an era of advanced technologies. In this game, players can build different structures, manage resources of their empire and battle with other gamers.

The first aspect of the Forge of Empires is city development; this function is introduced during the introduction quests. Each player has an opportunity to place various structures on the owning territory, develop them, research new technologies to unlock new buildings and decorations. Some items are available only for successful quest completion or event present. The game has several types of buildings: usual structures and the Great Buildings, producing the most significant rewards; these structures are based on the real monuments of architecture. At the moment, the game has seven types of buildings:

Residential — the buildings that provide workers for other structures, and some gold coins.

Goods — buildings that produce wine, gold, jewellery, textiles, coke, and many other resources. The amount of created goods depend on the level of the building. This type of production is used for trading.

Production — the buildings that produce supplies, which is used to buy buildings and provide goods.

Military — these buildings provide an opportunity to recruit troops and other military units. The training time is different, depending on the age and type of the unit.

Cultural — these buildings provide happiness. It increases the productivity of your empire and buffs for production.

Decorations — a similar effect with the cultural buildings. These structures are smaller and more comfortable to create.

Special Buildings — the structures that are given to players during the events; several of them are permanent.

The city develops only under the player's control. Unlike most similar strategies, it is necessary to track not only the amount of the resources but also the number of citizens and their mood. It influences on settlement features and bonuses received for the work. Over time, the player collects resources, gains exploration points, increases profits earned from the main buildings and gains access to more powerful combat units, which provides additional opportunities for colonizing the game world.

Another essential part in Forge of Empires is army management. The game provides various types of units, with different abilities and features. Some of them are used for the protection of the city walls, and others are designed for the combat with NPCs or even other players. The PvP system allows to conquer enemy cities, plunder resources and buildings. There is also the Guild vs Guild combat system, with the unique Guild continent map. This model provides a system of sectors that can be controlled by groups of players; it offers the PvP battles, called Sieges, where up to 80 armies can be involved. Another useful feature of guilds is Expedition: it’s a battleground event, where players can conquer for a top place on the rank league.

The combat system allows you to let the battle take its course in auto mode or take everything into your own hands and personally command each unit. Up to 8 combat units on each side can take part in the battle at the same time, and the victory or defeat depends on their strength and the player's commanding skills.

The game has several currencies that can be spent on building, development and decorative features. Players can gain Coins and Supplies, the main currencies of the game, that can be spent on technology researches, construction, training of the troops and producing of goods; Medals, a specific PvP-currency that can be gained for high ranks and special buildings; Goods that used for trading; Tavern Silver, necessary for guild expeditions; Forge Points, used for trading and improving of Great Buildings; and the Diamonds, a premium currency. During the gameplay, you will receive a growing number of opportunities both in urban planning and empowering of the army.

Is it worth playing Forge of Empires?

Forge of Empires is very competitive on the market of browser games, not only due to its gameplay but also due to the graphics component. The music helps to dive into the gameplay and forget about other things. It appeals to all fans of the strategy genre.