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Forsaken World Review

By BwwDtt | 10 July 2020
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Forsaken World is a fantasy MMORPG with a vast amount of content, sophisticated mechanics, and immersive combat system. One of its features is plenty of quests and fast character development.

  • Sophisticated system of character development
  • Several unique races
  • Deep character customization
  • PvE and PvP challenges

Forsaken World Gameplay

The events of the game are set in the fantasy world of Eyrda. Its history is several million years. God Dyos has created auxiliary deities who have inhabited the world with five races. Dyos wanted to destroy Eyrda, but protective signs stopped him. He created a creature who wasn't affected by the god's powers but failed three times. In the last battle, he was exhausted, and he breathed life into the bones of the dragon Dysil, who called himself the Storm Lord. As a result, the deities left the world of Eyrda, and Dysil led hordes of monsters called Storm Legion. The players have to defend the world and prevent the plans of the Storm Lord. The first stages of the game are quite simple and fast, and the main gameplay starts in the middle stages.

Each race has its unique abilities. Humans know how to replenish mana, Kindred knows how to steal the health of enemies, Elves immobilize enemies and take their magical energy, Dwarves remove control spells and increase the speed of movement, and so on.

Spells and abilities can be obtained in different ways. The first way is the classic level increase. The second path is to develop the talent trees, which are opened at level 20. Each branch offers to improve existing skills and also gives some new ones. All of the skills are useful in combat, but you won't have enough skill points to develop everything.

Each branch of talent has a direction. For example, a bard can focus on healing, strengthening the teammates, or dealing damage. The priest chooses between increasing power, healing or protection. There are no useless branches of the development system so that you can choose any path.

There are fifteen professions to choose: three are essential and available when you reach a certain level, six more can be studied by choice. The production process is tied to energy and patience points: the former is spent on the craft itself, the latter on collecting resources and catching pets. Points are needed so that the player does not spend too much time on developing the profession.

In addition to the standard jeweller, engineer and alchemist, there is a place for diplomats (exchange social points for the reputation of factions) and tamer (catching rare pets). The most complicated profession of jeweller becomes available in the late stages of the game.

Any player who has reached the thirtieth level can attack others outside the safe zone. The war goes for the places of extraction of resources, for the world's bosses, rare pets and just elite monsters. At first, the battles are held in 1x1 format, but later to fight for resources to entire guilds.

One PK point is awarded for each innocent victim. It disappears at a speed of one point per hour. When a character dies, the player has an increased chance to drop items from the inventory, and the maximum strength of his equipment is reduced. Power can be restored with specific crystals, and all once used things including mounts are attached to the character, and pass them to other players will not work.

For fans of PvP arenas are available from the forty-fifth level. Battles are in 3x3 and 6x6 format, and each is divided into three rounds of five minutes. The team that killed more enemies is recognized as the winner, and as a reward, the heroes receive decent sets of equipment.

Forsaken World Races

Forsaken World has eleven playable classes and six races:

Stonemen are only-male characters with large rocky bodies and enormous strength. Huge Stonemen are born of a rock, and they look like living blocks of stone. They are natural tanks.

Kindred are descendants of the goddess and a mere mortal. They're in a raging war with the vampire clan of Nosfer, who joined the Legion, and with werewolves. Only the Vesphereans have access to the path of a vampire which is universal in battle. They're useful in close combat, as a magician, and they even able to heal; still, they're not as good as pure magicians and priests. The vampire achieves effectiveness on the battlefield by combining the skills and by being able to replace another fighter at any moment.

Elves are magical creatures with thin nature and long ears. For originality, the bards are blown. Their weapons are harps which use music replace instead of the spells. Each chord sounds for a while, and their combinations have additional effects. Only a bard with healing branch can resurrect fallen allies in battle, and its healing spells can hardly be overestimated.

Dwarves are short and stocky warriors with infinite stamina. They're excellent at blacksmithing and mining; they also use advanced machines in battle. However, they're not as good in magical battles.

Lycan is a beast-like race with increased power and abilities. They're cursed with an illness which makes them turn into beast-like creatures; however, some of them can return into humanoid forms.

Humans are ordinary creatures that inhabit this fantasy world. They have the shortest lifespan, but they can adapt to different environments and survive in the harshest conditions.

Forsaken World Classes

Warrior — in the battle, soldiers fight in the front rows. They lead the troops and protect other teammates. Their sword skills and bravery are valuable qualities that make them the best fighters, and their knowledge of tactics can turn the course of any battle. The warrior class in the Forsaken World has access to three ways of fighting, so you'll always be in demand in every team.

Defender — these characters have the most significant amount of life and level of defence, so their main goal is to take the hit and prevent the attack on other members of the group. Defenders are an essential part of every team. These tanks have a durable heavy armour, which prevents the enemy from causing damage.

Mage — heroes with a supernatural ability to control elements hidden in the foundation of the world. They can transform elemental magic into powerful attacks. The magicians don't use any armour at all, but the will power and staff will protect the magician from any enemy. Over the years, wizards have developed various tactics to fight a single enemy, as well as an entire army. Magicians inflict enormous damage in the shortest possible time.

Priest — priests play an indispensable role in any battle. They call upon divine forces, heal and resurrect others, saving lives in a critical moment. Thanks to the strong faith they can heal injuries and lift curses, again and again supporting allies. The main task of priests is to ensure the vital activity of the team. If there is a priest in the squad, the fighters can defeat any enemy and survive in the worst dungeons.

Assassin — these killers hide in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike a fatal blow. His motto is "hit first." The assassins are invisible, cunning, amazingly talented and able to kill a sluggish opponent in the blink of an eye. The poisonous substances they use in battle slow down the protection, reduce defence and movement speed. When they use the powerful melee attacks, the enemy loses the ability to continue the fight.

Marksman — hard hand, sharp vision, and steel shutter speed allow the marksmen to see and kill the enemy from a distance. The dwarf weapon has destructive power, and they don't need to get as close to the victim as possible to strike a fatal blow. And if the enemy manages to survive the first shot, he'll soon bleed out. These skills are especially useful in a group where the shooter can hide behind a defender or warrior.

Vampire — the vampires belong to the Vesperian family; they differ from other characters with crosses that they wear behind their backs. The spreaders of legends could not even think that they contain not only a particle of man but also a particle of God, which makes Vampires higher creatures. Even ancient dwarves and elves can not boast such a rich history and such a wide range of opportunities.

Bard — the kind of heroes who travel around the world singing songs. In battle, they rely on their exceptional musical talent, inspiring their allies, weakening and confusing enemies. Bards don't have high physical power and durable weapons; they will not be able to stand in the front rows and take on the main blow. However, the enchanting sounds of the bard harp affect everyone around, including enemies and friends. Near the bard, ordinary warriors become heroes, capable of great feats.