Free-to-play isometric Action RPG Magic: Legends will be released in March

Free-to-play Isometric Action RPG Magic: Legends Release Date March 23 2021

Cryptic Studios announced the release date of the isometric action RPG Magic: Legends, which is set in the universe of Magic: The Gathering. The game will be released in open beta on March 23rd, 2021; the project will also be free-to-play. Initially, the game will only be available on PC, but the developers will release the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions together with the full release.

Accompanying this announcement, the developers have published a new development diaries issue, which describes the importance of the previous stage of the closed alpha testing. The team made many changes and improvements based on player feedback. For example, the game has received the classic equipment system (previously the power of characters was mainly influenced by artefacts, maps, and the power of spells). Also, the development speed was increased, as well as the awards for all activities and a new level of difficulty.

At the stage of the OBT players will find a lot more content, including new mythical and legendary bosses, 150 new spells, 50 new artefacts and more.