Frozen Flame entered the CBT stage

Frozen Flame Survival MMO Closed Beta Testing Stage September 15th

Developer of the fantasy survival Action RPG Frozen Flame announced the start of closed beta testing stage. Owners of any of the three bundles available for purchase on the official website can participate in the testing.

In Frozen Flame, you will explore a vast and unique fantasy world, which can be conquered alone or together with other players. In this game you will have to search the ancient buildings that hide treasures and secrets which will help you to find a way to save the world, as well as return lost memories, restoring the connection with the past.

Shortly before the start of CBT game received a large patch that adds a single-player mode, a character reset potion and an anti-cheater system Easy AntiCheat. You can find a full version of the latest patch note on the official game page in Steam.