Frozen Flame received an update 8.3.0

Frozen Flame Update 8.3.0 September 10th

Multiplayer Survival Action RPG Frozen Flame received an update 8.3.0. It added a single mode to the game and obelisks, which summon the monsters after the activation. Players will receive a special reward for defeat of the summoned enemies. List of the features also includes the character reset potion, which allows players to create a new skill build from scratch, and a new friends system.

In the future, developers plan to introduce the local cooperative game mode. In addition to all the new features, the update has also made many gameplay changes and fixed bugs. You can find the patch note of the 8.3.0 update on the official Steam page of Frozen Flame.

In addition to the new content, the developers have prepared the project for closed beta testing and pre-installed anti-cheater system Easy AntiCheat. Now Frozen Flame is in a closed alpha, where you can get by buying a set of Titan Bundle; already on September 15th, the game will enter the closed beta test open for owners of Hunter Bundle and Hero Bundle.