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Gamigo is a German publisher of browser games, mobile games, and massively multiplayer role-playing games. Gamigo was founded in 2000 in Hamburg, Germany. Most of the projects published by this company are client and browser games in different settings, such as Fiesta Online and Rift.

Latest Gamigo News

Aura Kingdom Update 66&67 September 2020 Aura Kingdom will receive two patches with new content

The september update will bring two new content packs at once

ArcheAge Unchained "Ipnysh Sanctuary" Release Screenshot ArcheAge: Unchained received a new dungeon with an update

"Ipnysh Sanctuary" will add new challenges and items in the game

Ironsight Servers Shut Down August 10th The current version of Ironsight will be closed on August 10th

The game will be distributed by Wiple Games since August 15th

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