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Gemini Station Review

By BwwDtt | 30 September 2020
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Gemini Station is a text browser-based sci-fi RPG based on D20 tabletop mechanics.

  • Text-based space game
  • Deep customization of spacecraft
  • Plenty of story-related missions
  • Well-balanced economic system

Gemini Station Gameplay

Gemini Station is the central shopping centre for the solar system, which was built in 2709. Trade, exchange and other cooperation between the colonies take place at this station. The playable character in this game is a space adventurer who can explore the world freely.

The game allows you to customise and equip your ship by purchasing specialised mods that enable you to fine-tune your style of gameplay and choose between trading, piracy and fighting with other players. As your ship becomes more advanced, you will be able to complete more challenging missions, carry more cargo and defeat strong enemies.

The combat system of Gemini Station is based on the mechanics of D20 tabletop role-playing games. The developer slightly redesigned this system, which improved the balance of the combat system and interactivity of the game world. The list of changes also includes an extended range of player levels and additional modifications for ships.

You can install various modifications on your ships, which allows you to create unique specialisations of spaceships. There are many different parts of the spacecraft available for improvement. Weapons allow you to modify the ship's damage, Armor protects against attacks, Engines increases the speed of movement, Shields protects the spaceship from different types of damage, Sensors increases the strength and detects objects in space, and Utility adds unique abilities.

The game has six central locations that you can explore and travel between them. Gemini Station is the new centre of the solar system; it's home to almost a million people. Earth is an original world that started human civilisation; all new spaceships are being built in the shipyards on Earth. Mars is the former colony of the Earth, which became independent after the revolt; Mars supplies the most significant amount of food for the entire solar system. Jupiter is a gas giant from which fuel is pumped. Eris is a mining outpost which is set in a distance from other colonies. Mercury is an automated solar farm which provides the cheapest energy in the solar system.

Gemini Station Classes

There are three classes of spaceships in the game:

  • Freighter — The class of ships Freighter have the best protection, which makes them the most suitable spacecraft for merchants. These ships have the highest survival rate, which makes it possible to transport cargo through space safely.
  • Fighter — The class of ships that are designed for combat and defence. Fighters have additional cargo space and improved defensive capabilities, which allow them to make the most of the ship's combat capabilities.
  • Scout — The Scout is the most agile and fastest class of spaceships, which allows you to hide from all enemies and perform various tricks.