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Gemstone 4 Review

By BwwDtt | 29 November 2019
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GemStone 4 is a text-based shareware MMORPG, developed by Simutronics in 1988. It's one of the first and longest-running online games.

  • Detailed character creation
  • Lots of classes to play
  • Flexible nonlinear gameplay
  • Weekly updates with new content

GemStone 4 Gameplay

Since GemStone is one of the first online RPGs, it has a significant amount of in-game activities, more than fifty thousands locations, hundreds of NPCs and creatures, and big fanbase.

As in other MUDs, the main activities of the player are roleplay, character training, completing story quests, and fighting or cooperating with other players. In this game, you can deeply customize every item which fell into your hands. It is not just a decorative detail: the objects you created are entirely usable; they affect the surrounding environment in the same way as ordinary ones.

The main feature of text-based games is that you can express the personality of your character by roleplaying. You can create a complete background for your hero and act following this personality. There is also an opportunity to contact with other players: as in real life, you can affect their stories. The storyline of your character also moderated by GameMaster, who can run the events and help players to organize their roles.

One of the main disadvantages of Gemstone 4 is that the game provides a reduced amount of content for free-to-play players. If you want to try new classes or visit rare places, you will have to pay the subscription and extra money for limited features.

After you registered in the game, you should create your character. You have to chose the name, gender, race, and one of ten professions.

Gemstone 4 Races

  • Aelotoi — a race of former slaves. They are very similar to humans, but there are several significant differences: Aelotoi has slightly larger heads than human ones; their eyes are entirely black, and behind their back, they have real wings.
  • Burghal Gnome — the excellent scavengers and artisans, living in cities and town of other civilizations. Their most loved thing is tinkering and garden tending. These creatures also have imposing logic and intellect, and because of that, they like solving exciting puzzles.
  • Dark Elf — the mysterious cousins of usual elves. These creatures have brown or black skin colour and dark hair. They're masters of spiritual and elemental magic; they also have a brilliant culture and outstanding architecture.
  • Dwarf — short, stocky people with thick beards. They have inborn resistant to some kinds of elemental magic; also, they're gifted miners. Dwarves very like to braid and decorate their beards.
  • Elf — tall, slender creatures with pale skin, light hair and eyes. Most elves are very arrogant because of their status, so they don't want to communicate with other races. At the same time, they are very good at magic professions and architecture.
  • Erithian — tall, thin creatures with pointed ears. They often bald part of their hair. They look a bit similar to elves.
  • Forest Gnome — a race of short warriors, at the same time, great lovers of poetry and philosophy. They live deep in Elanthia's forests.
  • Giantman — tall, physically mighty warriors, living a semi-nomadic life. They're best allies with dwarves.
  • Half-elf — the race that took the best traits of their parents. They caught between two warring cultures, so many half-elves choose to assimilate with humans.
  • Half-Krolvin — human-like creatures with pale skin and hairy bodies. They have outstanding facial features, showing kinship with the Krolvins.
  • Halfling — one of the smallest civilizations in Elanthia. They have large feet, soft facial features and curly hair. Halflings are intelligent and very friendly, that makes them perfect companions.
  • Human — an unremarkable race in terms of abilities, with an incredible variety of appearance and character. They have a complicated relationship with elves.
  • Sylvankind — the forest elves, rarely leaving their home. They are building their homes high up in the trees.
  • Gemstone 4 Classes

    Professions in Gemstone 4 divided into three types:

    Melee classes:

    It's the professions for characters that prefer close combat and rely only on physical power.

    • Monk — one of the newest professions. Monks are training to develop close combat skills and spiritual spell circles. They also use an Iron Skin spell instead of usual armour.
    • Rogue — class of masters of the stealth combat. These ignoble assassins are the best at invisible and fast attacks.
    • Warrior — professions for the most physically robust characters. They use heavy armour and massive weapons, such as two-handed, with high damage rate.

    Magic classes:

    These classes require only the knowledge of magical spells, so almost every race is suitable. Of course, characters created for physical professions can become magicians, but this will not be the most comfortable role for them.

    • Cleric — one of the pure spell-casting professions. These heroes draw their powers from the Great Spirits they serve. They are good at healing and defending. Also, this class can be turned into hybrid Melee Cleric, if you learn enough skills of the physical attack.
    • Empath — a healer that spends its health to heal wounds of the allies. These heroes also can train weapon skills to have at least some kind of protection.
    • Sorcerer — adepts of spiritual, arcane and elemental magic at the same time. The Sorcerers can learn Demonology or Necromancy.
    • Wizard — masters of the pure elemental magic. They can enchant weapons and items, or summon magical familiar that can help them with non-combat missions.

    Hybrid classes:

    The professions that combine melee and magic skills, or adds completely new mechanics to the gameplay.

    • Bard — a soldier and singer at the same time; Bards sing songs, that powered by mental and elemental magic. Also, they can support their party through various buffs.
    • Paladin — a semi-profession of warrior that attracts the enemy damage and protects allies from the attacks. This class is a mix of Warrior and Cleric.
    • Ranger — a profession of heroes that find their power in nature. These warriors use magic and physical abilities at the same time. The Rangers prefer ranged combat because they have low HP rate.