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Generals: Art of War Review

By BwwDtt | 21 November 2019
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Generals: Art of War is a browser strategy game, developed by the ApexPoint.

  • Low-spec game with nice graphics
  • Dynamic PvE and PvP battles
  • Social-based game
  • Wide variety of units

Generals: Art of War Gameplay

Generals: Art of War is a real-time strategy with classic game mechanics and enjoyable gameplay. The game provides an opportunity to create a unique character called General and customize it during the game.

Even though the game is quite simple, it has tutorial quests and provides personal assistant for the new players — all of the game mechanics, such as building or recruiting of units, explained during the introduction.

In Generals: Art of War, players need to manage the resources of their base. It's necessary because, without the proper supply of your units and buildings, the enemy would capture it. PvP is one of the essential parts of the game; you'll have to start a fight every time you want to start the resource extraction or defend your mine.

Any action in the game requires a certain amount of time to complete. You can reduce it with the help of specific in-game items, which can be obtained by completing tasks or purchasing in the store. The game puts the player before a choice: take a break and wait until countdown ends on its own, or continue development as soon as possible. The decision is always yours.

The base can have protection by the Defences, such as barbed wire, mines or anti-aircraft systems. These structures briefly delay the enemy's attack and cause damage to its troops. Different types of protection save from various weapons; the game has an immense variety of tanks, artillery, infantry, aviation, and armoured vehicles.
Besides, the Generals: Art of War has a research centre in which players can develop troops, buildings, and receive various improvements. These investigations also require resources and time.

For those who don't want to spend a lot of time developing their troops to the highest level, it's possible to join the alliance. Also, it will allow you to take part in the global conflict and start fighting over territories with other players.

The game has a vast number of players, many of them will not mind inviting you to play together. Participation in a big alliance protects you from other players who want to destroy your base and steal all resources. In addition to battles with players, you can also fight with the NPC faction. For this, you can get good trophies and experience.

In Generals: Art of War, you can develop skills and increase the rank of your character. There are two ways of levelling, the scientific, with the bonuses for production and research; and military, that increases damage or defence of the troops. The stats also could be buffed by the equipment, which made from materials purchased or found after the battle.