Get the most popular hero of Genshin Impact for free in Unreconciled Stars event

Unreconciled Stars Genshin Impact November 16th 2020 Get Fischl for Free

Recently the gaming website Polygon has published Q&A with the developers of Genshin Impact, where they revealed the most popular character of the game. According to miHoYo, this hero is Fischl — a mysterious princess with strong electro abilities. She was expelled from her homeworld, and since then she travels in Teywat with her loyal raven Oz.

The good news is that soon all players will have an opportunity to get this hero for free. On November 16th, a special time-limited event will begin at Genshin Impact that allows you to receive Fischl by completing in-game challenges. The event will last two weeks until November 30th.

In case if you missed the release of this game, Genshin Impact is an open-world anime Action RPG developed by miHoYo. The game is available on PC, Android and iOS, as well as PlayStation consoles.