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Global Strike Review

By BwwDtt | 14 May 2020
Average: 6.9 (13 votes)

Global Strike is a browser-based first-person MMO shooter developed and published by NGames Interactive.

  • Variety of Modes
  • No Plugin Downloads
  • Low System Requirements
  • Account Progression System

Global Strike Gameplay

Global Strike is accessible through every browser, and the game does not require you to download any assets to your machine. The graphics are simplified, and that allows you to receive the smooth gameplay on most devices. Also, the game has the old school feel, and it can appeal to the gamers that look for classic shooting action.

Global Strike features various game modes available to all the players. Capture the Flag, Bomb Planting, Team Elimination, Knife Battles, Free-for-All and many others are accessible to everyone. The mode that stands out the most is the Zombie Battle, in which sixteen players have to fight against zombies that can turn them into hostile creatures. All of the modes are fast and dynamic and do not require a lot of time to play, and that makes it convenient for most players.

The in-game shop allows you to purchase various visual improvements for your character. You may replace the skin to show it off online to others, and you can also replace standard guns with better versions of it to become more efficient on the battlefield. You may also earn the in-game currency through achievements and playing the matches; however, the fastest way is to invest real money to purchase everything at once.

Global Strike is a suitable game both for casual and hardcore players because its gameplay is simple to learn, the matches are quick, and you can play the game using most machines available on the market. However, the most skilled players practice a lot, and climbing the ladder may require you more time and effort to compete with them. You may track your progress using the Account Progression System, which records every game and the number of kills in total, and that way, you may also unlock additional rewards and tools to use during the games.