The global version of MMORPG V4 has received its first big update

NEXON announced the release of the first big patch with new content and various fixes for the fantasy MMORPG V4. Also, the developers have launched several events and improved security measures.

The main innovations of the patch include automatic bot punishment system and improved world chat filter, Viten Highlands region, new region bosses (Falvinia and Illusory Falvinia), new dungeon Phantom Abyss, new Demon Conquest, new equipment, pages of demonic stone, and two new slots for equipment.

V4 is a fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices and PC. The game features more than 50 customizable elements of heroes' appearance, six playable classes with unique effects and skills, including advanced mode, and a full-scale system of raids in the open world. It was released for Korean market in 2019, and after half a year it received the international version.