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Gotham Knights Review

By BwwDtt | 21 December 2020
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Gotham Knights is an upcoming open-world action-RPG game developed by American studio WB Games Montreal.

  • Four playable characters with unique abilities
  • Detailed open world with realistic citizens
  • Action combat system with four gameplay styles
  • RPG elements like character development and customization

Gotham Knights Gameplay

Gotham Knights is an open-world action game with the story of four of Batman's allied heroes: Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood. The Dark Knight of Gotham himself is presumed dead when the game begins, as is Commissioner Jim Gordon. The four superheroes must defend the city from attacks by various villains, which include Mr Freeze and an organization called the Court of Owls.

Action RPG game Gotham Knights have a vast open world, divided into five districts placed on different islands and connected by bridges. There are no artificial restrictions, and the entire map is available at the start of the game. The game also features a realistic civilian population: the local citizens will not disappear as they did in Batman: Arkham Knight; instead of that, they will live life — going to work, going shopping, etc. For example, in the evening on the streets of Gotham, there may be traffic jams, which will make it much harder to travel using the Batbike. In addition to other features, the game does not have a usual cycle of night-day change. Players will be able to use a variety of ways to move around the city, including the ones you may have already seen in Batman: Arkham — the grappling hook, winch, flight and vehicles like the Batbike. Robin can also use the Justice League teleporter.

Almost all the gameplay happens during the night, and during the day the heroes are resting at the base. The operations base called Belfry plays a central role in the game, serving as a place to analyze evidence from last night and prepare for the next, crafting equipment and discussing the events with Alfred. In Gotham Knights, Batman's followers not only have to fight enemies but also engage in a "detective routine", tracking down local villains. Sometimes there are a few mini-quests to complete, after which you can proceed to a full mission.

It is possible to pass the game by any hero. Each protagonist has a unique set of equipment and skills; all main characters are endowed with unique fighting styles.

  • Red Hood is a hero skilled in hand-to-hand combat and firearms;
  • Nightwing is a wise team leader who coordinates all team members;
  • Robin is a master of deductive thought, preferring stealth;
  • Batgirl has special melee attacks and unique ability to hack into any mechanism.

The protagonists' weapons serve different purposes; some of their instruments are lethal, while others only knock out enemies. To prevent players from forgetting which type of weapon a particular fighter is using, the creators added various colour indicators.

The developers also decided to add a lot more RPG elements to the game. Gotham Knights will have an equipment system (melee and ranged weapons, armour), abilities unlockable through the skill tree, energy for using skills (restored in combat), level of the character and opponents.

The PC version of Gotham Knights will have a multiplayer mode. Other players will be able to join your gaming session to fight in Gotham in cooperative game mode. The whole campaign can be completed by choosing one of the "Knights" if the players prefer the style of combat inherent to one or another character. However, you can always change heroes at the base, in Belfry. The co-op is designed to make different superheroes complement each other in battles due to different abilities. Still, you can choose two identical characters too. You can log in and out of the session whenever you want. You're also not tied to another player in the coop, and it's possible to explore the city from completely different parts of the map.