Guild Wars 2 VS Black Desert Online

Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert Online are two large-scale fantasy MMORPG games featuring various PvP and PvE game modes, immersive gameplay, and plenty of other small features. Both of these games have large player communities, tons of content and activities for all types of players — but which one of them is better?

Briefly about Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMORPG developed by ArenaNet. The events of the game are set in the fictional world of Tyria. The events of Guild Wars 2 takes place in the kingdoms of Ascalon and Kryta, which are inhabited by unique races with different culture and history. Players can change this world through dynamic events. One of the main features of this project is a unique personalized history and a deep emphasis on PvP content.

One of the features of Guild Wars 2 is that it doesn't use a classic "Tank - Damager - Healer" scheme. Each character can train at least one of several healing skills; almost every profession can perform any of the roles with the right choice of equipment, skills and talents. Also, each player can resurrect dead or critically wounded teammates.

Guild Wars 2

Briefly about Black Desert Online

Black Desert is a fantasy MMORPG, which combines elements of several genres at once: real-time strategy, role-playing game and life simulator. The distinguishing feature of this project is a large-scale battle system requiring well-coordinated teamwork and correct strategic decisions. Also, the game engine allowed developers to realize a completely seamless open world, full freedom of characters customization and much more.

Players will have to explore a world filled with unique activities, create various playable characters and choose between a dozen different classes. Battles in the game are based on a non-target combat system, which is similar to the single-player action games. Players have to take the enemies in sight, hit them and evade their attacks. Black Desert Online is on the list of the most popular games in the MMORPG genre.

Black Desert Online

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: Quest System

The main quests in Guild Wars 2 are story tasks, which appear automatically every ten levels. You will get the first mission on level 10, the next one on level 20, etc. While performing the quests, your character will enter into dialogues with NPCs, and you will even be able to choose your answer options in conversations.

If you press the "M" key and open the global map, you'll find that there are symbols of hearts, squares, triangles, and arrows in the open area. It's a potential source of experience, which is necessary for character development. Exploring these symbols, you will stumble across various NPC and dynamic events, which will give you extra experience points.

Quests in Guild Wars 2
Quests in Guild Wars 2 are simple to track and complete because of the special quest journal

There are a lot of quests in Black Desert Online, first of all, it is worth to complete quests from the Black Spirit, and others will be available on request. Many missions open in the process of growth the level of character, craft, for others you need to get points for friendship with the NPC.

After you complete the quests, you receive experience, points of influence (necessary for the development of production), various valuable objects, and other special rewards. It is also the best way to learn the game.

Story missions in the game have a rather impressive plot, which is enjoyable to play. In this case, the dark spirit, which is a guide in the game, offers a reward for passing the plot quests. You can receive weapons or armour, experience, skill points, expanding equipment slots, inlay stones, scrolls for additional EXP, jewellery, and much more. After completing the story tasks in Black Desert, you can get several useful items at once. To get several valuable rewards at once, you need to complete the single boss destruction quests.

BDO, like many other MMORPG games, is not confined to the mandatory completion of tasks and quests. Even without them, any player can develop character, or involve in trade, fishing, cooking, alchemy, etc.

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: Character Customization

Character Customization in Guild Wars is one of the deepest of all MMORPG games. You have a choice of 5 races, each of which is unique in its history, political and cultural position, and plot. The very first step in creating a new character will be to choose your race. Each race has its starting position, personal history, racial skills and other differences. All of them are balanced, and none of them has advantages over others. When choosing a profession, you should understand that Guild Wars 2 does not have the usual class system, and your character can choose any role in the battle.

  • Charr is a belligerent race of large, ferocious, cat-like creatures that occupy most of the eastern Tyria. They have abandoned all gods, declaring them false, and look at everything in life, from magic to battle, with a stern, cynical look. Their culture has become a war state, where they have been raised as warriors from birth.
  • Asura is a race of miniature artisans who secretly lived underground for thousands of years until Great Destroyer minions forced them out of underground homes. Since then, they have adapted to live on the surface and quickly established themselves as one of the most powerful races in Tyria.
  • Human is once the most powerful race in Tyria, whose kingdoms now lie in ruins. Only Kryta has survived. When previous threats disappeared, another one appeared, this time the most deadly: one of the Senior Dragons threatens the existence of the race of humans.
  • Norn is a race of tall warriors who now inhabit part of Kryta and the abandoned fortresses of the Doorfs in the Shiverpeak mountains. Independent Norns live for hunting, so their tracking, trickling and killing skills make them invaluable allies in any combat situation.
  • Sylvari is a young, curious race of humanoids born at Pale Tree in Arbor Bay. The tree was planted by a member of Shining Blade Ronan and raised by a Ventari Centaur Elder.

Character Editor Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 features one of the most unusual playable races and advanced character editor

To create a character in Black Desert Online, you need to click on the button "Create" in the upper right corner of the screen. One account can contain up to 12 characters at a time; seven slots are free, the rest must be purchased in the game store.

The main stage of creating your character is to customize its appearance: hair, face and body. There are both ready-made models of faces and hairstyles, and an advanced editor, so you can experiment with the style of the character for a very long time. You can save the result at any moment of editing and return in case of an error. You can also create a layout (or preset) of your character and share it with other players by clicking on "Save Layout". You can also use the presets created by other players.

The "View" button in the upper left corner is responsible for the direction of the character's view (either he is looking at the mouse cursor or right in front of him). The "Menu" button hides/shows the editor interface. In addition to changing the appearance of the character, you can also see how he will look in different light conditions.

Next steps of the character creation are to specify its future name (bottom right corner, under the last name) and select a constellation. Depending on the chosen constellation, your character will have different relationships with NPCs. Once the constellation is selected, it will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

After you have finished your work, you can see what your character will look like in different poses and suits. You can do this by using the "Actions" function.

You can read a brief description of each class, view combat styles, and learn their strengths and weaknesses using the pentagonal chart. Once you have decided on the selected role, you need to click on the button "Create".

Character Editor Black Desert Online
Character editor of Black Desert Online allows to use unique customizable features or presets created by other players

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: Combat System

Fighting in GW2 is based on a semi-target system, meaning that you still choose your target to attack, but the attacks themselves can cause damage to surrounding enemies or those who are between you and the target. In Guild Wars 2, you start with a basic skill set, but the game allows the player to make more in-depth adjustments to the abilities. You will receive the necessary skills depending on the weapons used and then change your skill set by adding healing, racial, class, and even incredibly powerful, elite skills.

Skills of your character vary depending on the chosen class and on the chosen weapons. No profession can use all kinds of weapons simultaneously, but some can use more weapons than others. Many specializations allow you to carry weapons with one or two hands. Pair weapons will have skills different from those used in the main hand.

As for BDO, the developers from Pearl Abyss managed to make the "non-target" system of Black Desert Online almost ideal. It is very close to single games, dynamic and not subject to problems with animation, which often pop up in other projects.

Even in the first minutes of the game, killing monsters does not seem like a routine, as usually happens in MMO, it is much closer to single-player projects, where you aim, choose hiding places, go around the enemy, combine jerks and rolls with blows. All this is fed with beautiful animation and visual effects, which are very lovely to watch, and which cause a desire to destroy everything around, so as not to interrupt beautiful combos.

Nothing prevents you from taking a bow and shooting someone from afar, or fly into the crowd at full speed killing monsters, which, again, makes the game closer to full-fledged single-player projects than other MMOs.

Combat System in Black Desert Online

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: Dungeons and Raids

Raids in Guild Wars 2 are instances for ten players, which will offer you very complex bosses, epic battles and much more. They provide a wide variety of complex challenges that will require a team of high-level game skills, strategy and coordination.

In the first wing of the raid, the players will face three powerful bosses, as well as an epic event. Each challenge has unique mechanics, each of which will require a unique strategy and will be an outstanding achievement when winning. You will have to try the raid several times to learn how to win, develop a plan, improve communication and sharpen the tactics through practice to perform everything you need at a high level.

Black Desert Online does not have standard dungeons and raids except for the Guild's instances. Instead, in BDO, there are world bosses - the most powerful of mobs with a vast reserve of health and impressive attack. It is possible to earn quite good money killing them, as well as the fighting with the field bosses. World bosses appear according to a strictly defined schedule. The spawn places of all world and field bosses are marked on the world map.

BDO world bosses appear simultaneously on all channels. They are cross-server, the level of health common and decreases due to the damage was done by all players who came to fight. With the coherence of actions that led to the murder of the boss, the best damagers receive a generous reward. If a monster wasn't killed, it leaves, and the participants of the battle get a worse drop. Being a member of a raid or group is not necessary: it does not affect the award.

The field bosses in BDO are easier to kill, but they provide less loot. As for their spawn, there is no clear schedule and they spawn randomly somewhere in the world. The average frequency of the spawn is once a day. The health of such a boss on each channel counts separately, so it is possible to kill the field bosses several times by switching to another server.

Raid Boss in Black Desert Online

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: PvP

There are several types of PvP in Guild Wars 2, such as the classic arena, where two teams fight and capture control points. In contrast to PvP in other MMORPGs, this is one of the most hardcore game modes. The leading PvP entertainment in Guild Wars 2 is the epic confrontation "World vs World. In this mode, up to 500 players can fight on huge maps of the continents. There are roadblocks, towers, siege equipment and other key points and positions, scattered throughout the locations. And the most exciting thing about GW2 is that you can join WvWvW from the first levels of gameplay because it will be automatically raised to a maximum of 80.

In Guild Wars 2, you can fight against other players already on the 2nd level of the character. To do this, you have to click on the crossed swords icon in the upper left corner of the screen and enter the PvP Lobby, after which you will move to a separate location, explicitly formed for PvP.

At level 30 in BDO, your character will receive the opportunity to attack other players. Just like others, they will be able to attack you too. To activate the PvP mode, click on the icon with two crossed swords.

In Black Desert Online, PvP battles are based on guild confrontation. Fights take place in the open world, and siege and territorial battles involving a vast number of players are a crucial element. The game also has a karma system. Karma is charged for killing players, but if your clans are in an official war, there are no penalties. Penalties are given for the murder of horses and some NPCs which act as ordinary citizens and don't attack players but are necessary for the completion of quests.

To correct your level of karma, you need to kill a lot of mobs. And it's better to do it in the party; it's faster and safer because the character with high karma is an excellent target for player hunters. Player Killers will also attack the guards of cities, and after the death, the items can drop from the inventory. The higher your level, the more experience is lost and the worse your karma, the higher your chances of losing things.

World PvP in Black Desert Online
World PvP is one of the main endgame activities in Black Desert Online

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: Endgame Content

Endgame Content in Guild Wars 2 is participation in PvP and WvW battles. In Guild Wars 2 there are several large plot additions, bringing to the game different locations, quests and new personal storylines. Developers often release new additional content, which is added to the game with the add-ons. The game has two large expansions, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. Developers often share information about project development, and they have confirmed the third add-on End of Dragons.

In Black Desert Online, there is a huge amount of different activities and exciting challenges that form the endgame content. After completion of the main part of the game, you can focus on the game in PvP, polishing skills and equipment of your character, or fight with the bosses. Also, the game has different PvE activities — an advanced craft system allows you to hire workers and equip workshops at home with your character, to fish, grow food on the farm, and much more.

For many players, one of the complex activities in Black Desert Online has become a system of nodes that facilitate and increase the speed of your game. Nodes in BDO can be trading, manufacturing and resource. For them to work, you will need to activate and link them to the nearest major city. After activating a node, you will be able to send workers there to extract the necessary resources, and by creating a transport network between major cities, you can transport items at a low cost. You can find out what resources can be extracted in the node by simply clicking on it. Node wars take a vast amount of time at the endgame BDO.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: Social Features

Guild Wars 2 has an advanced guild system that allows players to team up and play the game together. Players can accept invitations to several guilds at once. By opening the guild panel, you can see the entire list of guilds that the player has accepted. Each Guild can organize its members between 10 ranks; the names of the rankings and the possibilities within them can be configured.

As for BDO, after building the improvements in the Architecture category, the Guild can acquire a guild depository. Its maximum size can be up to 250 cells. You can set a limit on what ranks guild members can move items "in" and "out" of the vault. Access to the vault can be obtained from NPC "Guild Bank", marked with a sign.

After you build a necessary improvement and talk to NPC "Guild Register", the Guild can create the logo, which will be shown on the guild flags. After building further improvements, the members of the Guild will receive access to NPC "Guild Armorers" and "Guild Weaponsmiths", which sell special items: they allow to place the Guild's emblem on armour and weapons. Each emblem consists of a single-colour background with a monochrome back symbol in the middle and a two-colour front symbol. In WvWvW mode, Guild can hang a flag with its logo over the captured objects.

Guild Wars 2

Guilds in BDO not only and not so much military organizations, but first of all, commercial structures and associations of players of interest. Guilds can have unique clan houses, unique quests and other bonuses.

Each member of the Guild, who does something in the game, is awarded points of activity in the Guild. Among the non-guild-activity most affects the raising of the level of the character. For example, you receive the EXP when you develop the hero or advance professional skills.

The system calculates the activity in the Guild very well for participation in guild quests. It affects the salary of guild members: it can be doubled if the clan gathers the specific amount of EXP - 10 000 activity points. The activity does not accumulate above this amount, so the head and deputies need to monitor the timely extension of the contract and salary increase.

The size of the Guild affects the available quests — the bigger the Guild, the more missions are available for it. Most of them are the same as usual side-quests, but in some tasks, there are more monsters to be destroyed or resources to be extracted in the allotted time. A big guild can also take small quests, but a small guild does not have access to bigger quests. The size of the task depends on the number of points received by the Guild.

Even if you are not a member of the Guild, there are still many social functions open to you. For example, you can buy several houses from Black Desert Online for influence points. The house is an instanced room, which can be used as a warehouse, a processing shop or a living room. Several rooms of different players can be placed in one house. You can buy several houses and place furniture inside. Homes are located in every major city. The low-level characters can buy only small rooms, but most of them have nice conditions.

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: Music

At the time of release, Black Desert Online was one of the games with the best graphics; over the years, the game received a remastered version with improved visual quality and many new features. Black Desert Online 2018 Remaster includes physical rendering, improved lighting and atmospheric dispersion, volumetric clouds, HDR rendering, improved post-processing with YEBIS, improved reflections and surface shading, improved ocean rendering and clothing simulation. The remastered version of the game includes more than 220 music tracks, lasting more than 660 minutes, seven full albums — one per continent, recorded by orchestras.

Guild Wars music was created by Jeremy Soule, who previously worked on other GW games, as well as on Elder Scrolls series: this author composed the music for Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, as well as the first part of Guild Wars.

Guild Wars 2 vs Black Desert Online: Graphics & System Requirements

Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert Online have a simple half-realistic visual style, which differs in the stylistic: BDO graphics are inspired by anime, while GW2 is more like the classic MMORPG. However, Guild Wars has lower system recommendations: this game can be run with NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT and Intel Core 2 Duo, while Black Desert requires at least GTS 250 and Intel Core i3.

Black Desert Online was initially positioned as the most beautiful MMORPG with a great emphasis on graphics quality. The game features a huge open world filled with a variety of details, photorealistic textures, detailed complex models of characters and armour, and much more. Also, the most famous feature of BDO is its character editor: artists from Pearl Abyss have invested weeks and weeks of work and polishing into it. The original project runs without problems with the medium settings, but the Remastered version on good settings is available only to owners of high-end PCs — if you try to run the Black Desert Online 2018 Remastered on a weak computer, you will have to endure unpleasant FPS drawdown in battles with the bosses.

Black Desert Online Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GTX 970, AMD RX 480
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-650 3.2GHz
  • File Size: 27 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64-bit)

Guild Wars 2 also has a simple stylized graphics style, which looks especially nice on curious miniature Asura and catlike Charr. Despite its simple design, the graphics of this game is easy to distinguish from other projects — unrealistic proportions of characters and easy animations are combined with hyper-realistic textures and perfectly designed locations. GW2's music, history and visual style are perfectly connected to each other, which allows you to believe in the history of this world and stay in this project for a long time. In addition, despite its high-quality performance, GW2 has quite low system requirements and can run even on weak computers.

Guild Wars 2 Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz
  • File Size: 50 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit only)

Which One is Better?

Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert Online are excellent PvP-oriented games — if you prefer more dynamic and active battles, you can try BDO; if you like more advanced character customization and relaxing gameplay, try out Guild Wars 2. Both these games have excellent social-driven events and activities, but BDO features housing system and advanced mechanics of interaction with other players. However, Black Desert Online requires much more time and grind, which makes it more hardcore and time-consuming. If you want to relax and immerse into an interesting storyline, you may like to try out Guild Wars 2.

Who is the winner?

Guild Wars 2
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Black Desert Online
66 votes