Guild Wars 2 VS TERA

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA Online

Guild Wars 2 and TERA are massively multiplayer online RPG games in a fantasy setting. These games are famous for their deep storylines with hundreds of unique challenges, PvE and PvP game modes, and tons of small unique features. But which one of these games is better, and what is the best choice for a new player?

Briefly about Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is an RvR fantasy MMORPG, created by ArenaNet. The events of the game take place in the fictional world of Tyria. Players can influence the world of GW2 by participating in dynamic events that appear on the map randomly. Guild Wars 2 action unfolds in the kingdoms of Ascalon and Kryta, hundreds of years after the first part events.

GW2 is famous for its unique approach to gameplay design: the game has no traditional system of classes and ordinary quests, instead of which it uses a personalized storyline.

Quest system of Guild Wars 2 has several unique features that distinguish it from other games. First of all, there are dynamic events that affect the world, even without the player's participation. All players can participate in an event to influence its outcome, which in turn will influence the game world.

There are plenty of PvP modes in the game: the classic arena for a battle between two teams, large arenas for GvG battles, and large-scale World vs World battles. Unlike PvP in other MMORPGs, in GW2 it's one of the most hardcore game modes. In the epic confrontation "World vs World" up to 500 players can fight on huge maps of the continents; it features the roadblocks, towers, siege equipment and other key points and positions scattered throughout the locations. Also, this mode is available to all players who completed the introduction, which allows them to join the PvP from the first hours of the game. The level of all characters will be automatically raised to a maximum of 80.

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA

Briefly about TERA

TERA is a fantasy MMORPG with a deep storyline, released in 2011 by Bluehole Studio. This game is impressive in its beauty, and the combat system with non-targeted mechanics is one of the best to this day. The world of TERA, Arborea, consists of two vast continents, Shara and Arun, which are divided into four key regions. Most of the world, except for the instants dungeons, is entirely open.

TERA has a large number of different playable races, and most of them were designed exclusively for this game. TERA is an MMORPG with a vast number of story quests, cutscenes and many instanced dungeons, which not only represent the endgame content of the game but also reveal the details of the story. The game also features PvP content including various arenas, open-world events and PK. Previously PvP content was linked to the political system, but now this activity is unavailable in the game.

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA: Quest System

As with most other MMORPG games, in GW2 and TERA you will get to know the world of the game by completing quests. Both projects have a strong focus on plot and immersion in the history of your character; if you are looking for an immersive MMO game with an exciting story, you can consider playing both of these games.

TERA features not only battles in PvP and communication with other players, but also an exciting adventure with many dangers and puzzles. There are plot quests with cinematic cutscenes, usual quests with good rewards, daily and guild quests, missions to get pets and kill bosses, and many others.

Quests in TERA are very simple to complete because the description of missions marks the places where you have to search for the goal, or enemies that you have to kill (they're indicated with blue colour at the bottom of the quest description). In addition to other features, each area on the global map has a designation with the required level of character.

In contrast to TERA, the main storyline of Guild Wars 2 is designed in the form of Personal History. This type of lessons is the majority of PvE content. Personal Story is independent of random events and is always available for completion. Story events are individual for each character thanks to the decisions that player makes in the course of the game. There are potentially hundreds of variants of personal stories, but one character can not live through all the variants of the storyline. You should complete the game several times for different heroes to explore all sides of the story in Guild Wars 2.

Quest System in Guild Wars 2
In Guild Wars 2, you can complete different side quests provided by NPCs

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA: Character Customization

Character customization is one of the essential aspects of RPG games: almost every project of this genre begins with the creation of the playable hero. Using the character editor, you can choose the appearance of the character, the class, as well as the name and in some cases background.

Customization in Guild Wars affects the starting location, personal history, as well as skills, appearance, sound and character animation. The very first step in character creation is to choose one of the five races accessible in Guild Wars 2. You can also choose to play for male or female of any race. All the abilities and skills of races in GW2 are well-balanced, so you can focus on visual preferences when choosing. When choosing a profession, you must understand that Guild Wars 2 does not have the usual class system. Almost any character can play any role.

  • Charr — a belligerent race of large, ferocious, cat-like creatures that occupy most of the eastern Tyria. They have abandoned all gods, declaring them false, and look at everything in life, from magic to battle, with a stern, cynical look. Their culture has become a war state, where they have been raised as warriors from birth.
  • Asura — a race of miniature artisans who secretly lived underground for thousands of years until Great Destroyer minions forced them out of underground homes. Since then, they have adapted to live on the surface and quickly established themselves as one of the most powerful races in Tyria.
  • Human — once the most powerful race in Tyria, whose kingdoms now lie in ruins. Only Kryta has survived. When previous threats disappeared, another one appeared, this time the most deadly: one of the Senior Dragons threatens the existence of the race of humans.
  • Norn — a race of tall warriors who now inhabit part of Kryta and the abandoned fortresses of the Doorfs in the Shiverpeak mountains. Independent Norns live for hunting, so their tracking, trickling and killing skills make them invaluable allies in any combat situation.
  • Sylvari — a young, curious race of humanoids born at Pale Tree in Arbor Bay. The tree was planted by a member of Shining Blade Ronan and raised by a Ventari Centaur Elder.

Character Customization in Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 has one of the most extensive character customization systems ever designed in MMORPG games.

TERA has a more traditional class system that defines your position in combat and your skills. You can also choose your race and the appearance of the hero. A more responsible choice, as opposed to racial distribution, is the choice of class for your character. It is this choice that determines the future development of your gameplay.

The game provides a choice of nine classes, which differ from each other by unique sets of skills, as well as gameplay style. But it is impossible to say that some are better than others. All have weaknesses and strengths. You can see the current skills of the classes in the game when creating a character.

  • Baraka — a part of the race of giants of Titus. They collect all information about their own and other races, all historical evidence and equip libraries in all cities where they live. Baraka is always at the forefront of battle and research missions. Their comprehensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to protecting the weak ensure their respect for other races.
  • Aman — When the god Amarun was killed in battle, his breed, the Aman, turned out to be slaves of giants. It took many centuries, the intervention of other gods and the help of the people of Castanic for the Amans to find their freedom. The Amans are the most straightforward and honest creatures in Arboray. They always say what they think and do what they say.
  • Elin — little Elin are powerful like their ancestor goddess, and their main goal is to sweep away everything that threatens nature. Elin are closely associated with Popori, and their loyal allies united with them by a common goal.
  • Popori — once were ordinary tiny animals, but Elin race gave them consciousness. Since then, Popori help their patrons to protect nature. They are kind, complacent, easy-going and rarely depressed and quickly converge with other races.
  • High Elf — many different elven clans milled the millstones of the divine war, which lasted two thousand years. Those who managed to defeat death and forget their dark past decided to call themselves the High Elves.
  • Humans — Human race was cursed by their god-creator. Because of this curse, humanity had to wander for two thousand years without having land or homeland of its own. Only many centuries later, the goddess Velika took pity on people, and with her help, people have built their capital — Velika.
  • Castanic — of all races inhabiting Arboria, the Castansans have the most complicated and challenging fate. Castanic are born without horns; they begin to break through the skin during maturation, causing pain to their owner. They have a severe temperament and passionate character.

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA: Battle System

Battle system in TERA is different from most of the other MMORPGs; it is similar to the action games with an arrow with a scope in the centre of the screen. Accuracy, time and distance are essential elements of combat: you need to find your target and evade in time quickly, and that's all you need to survive.

It is the combat system that is the main feature of TERA. To hit the target, you need to choose the direction and click on the enemy with the mouse. For example, you can run away or jump from the archer's arrows. Even the healers do not have to stand still, because their skills work at a certain distance. It makes it possible to fight alone, even the strongest monsters, it is just necessary to move around and try to go behind the enemy's back. However, this strategy is unlikely to work in close combat. If you are already familiar with the combat system of the game, it is possible to avoid death from the crowd of mobs.

At the first levels, players can quickly develop the heroes without any help. However, TERA has special instance zones—dungeons, where you need to kill the boss and loot the valuable rewards. Monsters in the initial dungeons are not very different from ordinary dungeons, but if you have developed up to a high level, it is better to form your group wisely, because it's hard to play without a healer and a good tank.

Quest System in Guild Wars 2
Combat system of Guild Wars 2 may look simple, but it provides deeply customizable gameplay

The combat system Guild Wars 2 features action battles and customizable gameplay style. Skill mechanics are easy to learn. In Guild Wars 2, you start the game having a basic set of combat skills, but the game allows players to make deep adjustments to their abilities. You will receive all the necessary skills depending on the weapons used, and then you can change your skillset by adding racial, healing, class and even powerful elite skills.

No profession can use all kinds of weapons simultaneously, but some can use more weapons than others. Many specializations allow you to carry weapons with one hand, and two-handed weapons allow players to develop additional skills. For example, warriors can learn to fight with two hands and carry two swords, which will give three skills in the main hand and two abilities in the second hand.

Change the outcome of the battle with the help of improvised tactics, combine the skills of different professions to get more damage or send your pets into battle — Guild Wars 2 allows you to use a wide variety of strategies, and all of them are effective.

Battle System in TERA

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA: Dungeons and Raids

When you reach the 20th game level in TERA, you will have access to the first dungeon territory. After that, you can use the dungeon selection service to find those who want to get there. It is necessary to press the icon with the image of the red door under the radar to start the dungeon search or open it in the menu in the selection of dungeons. Decide on the choice of dungeons, click on the search, and you only have to wait for the group of players who want to join you. When the group is fully formed, you will be able to enter the dungeon.

While completing the dungeon, try not to be too far away from other players and perform your role clearly (if you are playing as support, you shouldn't try to perform functions of a tank), as well as follow the instructions of the group leader. There are several dozens of dungeons in the game, and all have different awards for the completion.

Dungeons in GW 2 are designed for teams of high-level players, who will have to play together. Each dungeon is divided into a story mode and a research mode. In the history mode, you will find a fascinating story that will reveal the secrets of Tyria. Once you play through the History Mode, you will be able to open a more complex exploration mode. In the Research mode, there are several options for gameplay, each of which represents unique options for completion.

Dungeons and Raids in TERA

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA: PvP

There are several servers in TERA, most of them PvP and the others are PvE. On PvP servers, it is possible to kill other players unlimitedly, which cannot be said about PvE servers, where you can only fight with mutual consent. And as for the clan wars, it's also very simple; the guilds created here must enter the war manually.

The basis of PvP mode in Guild Wars 2 is the extensive realm-vs-realm system. In addition to large-scale battles, there are also local game modes Challenge and Arena, which allow players to fight in pairs. The most accessible option is PvP in the arena, where you fight freely with other players.

Also in Guild Wars 2, there is a World vs World battle mode, where players from three different servers, or worlds, fight in the Mists. In WvW players can besiege fortresses and towers, using siege weapons, fight for resources and win awards for their world. WvW is available to characters immediately after the tutorial, and their level and attributes will be raised to 80. All skills, traits, experience and equipment can be obtained within WvW so that the development of the character can be completed without switching to PvE.

In Guild Wars 2, you will have a separate set of components for PvP builds, including runes, sigils, amulets and traits. All these items can be selected and activated directly from the PvP builds panel. You will no need to talk to multiple NPCs and apply different PvP items from your inventory. You will be able to select and equip the appropriate items. Filters and search will be available in the PvP builds panel to make the selection more comfortable, so you can quickly find the thing you need.

Guild vs Guild PvP in TERA is one of the most challenging and complicated activities which unites dozens of players

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA: Social Features

Guild Wars 2 and TERA have many different social aspects. Very often, you have to see how other players achieve different goals. The whole system of classes and dungeons is based on the fact that users have to look for players with various abilities in the team. The easiest way to find a new company in Guild Wars 2 is to start communicating with players in team dungeons or world chat. Since you need to cooperate with them to complete the task, it will be easier to start speaking with teammates.

Guilds in BDO are not only and not only military organizations, but also commercial structures and associations of interested players. Guilds can have unique clan houses, exclusive quests and other bonuses.

Every member of the Guild, who does something in the game, is awarded points for the activity in the Guild. Among the activities not related to the Guild, the most significant influence is the increase in the level of the character. For example, you get EXP when you develop a hero or promote professional skills.

TERA also provides many opportunities for communication and search for teammates: you can organize a group to perform tasks together, join the guild or found one, and communicate in private or world chat. You can also add other players to your friends so you can quickly invite them to a raid or group.

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA: Endgame Content

Endgame in GW2 and TERA is all activities that a player who has reached the maximum level can do. It's possible to concentrate on the development of the secondary skills, the completion of the challenges in raids, participation in battles in the Arena and much more. For many players, the real game starts only after the completion of the main storyline, when the most hardcore competitions and complex game modes are opened, requiring a deep understanding of game mechanics and perfecting combat skills.

In addition to the vast amount of free content available in the main version of the game, Guild Wars 2 has several expansion packs and purchased DLC. GW 2 has several extensive storyline add-ons that add different locations, quests and new personal storylines to the game. At this moment, the game has two add-ons: Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. Also soon the game will be added to the add-on End of Dragons, adding the icy kingdom.

All additions to the MMORPG TERA are free-to-play, both major expansions Rising and Fate of Arun are available for all players. The expansion packs are automatically installed after the release.

Endgame Content in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 VS TERA: Graphics & System Requirements

TERA has a specific visual style characteristic of the Korean MMORPG. The circum-realistic graphics with details inspired by anime looks simple and pleasant, and on low settings also runs even on weak computers. However, in order to see the beauty of the game you need a powerful enough PC. The game features simple animations and lush detailed visual effects that make the TERA combat system incredibly beautiful. The world of Tera is filled with deep saturated colors and detailed beautiful skies and landscapes, as if borrowed from the anime by Makoto Shinkai.

TERA Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTS 450/Radeon HD 4890 1GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 3570/AMD FX 6350
  • File Size: 60 GB
  • OS: Win 7/8/10 (64-bit)

Guild Wars 2 has more realistic graphics and animation, which requires a high-end PC to play on the highest graphics settings. However, it's possible to comfortably play with the medium quality even on the weakest PCs. GW2 can be run with NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT and Intel Core 2 Duo. At the same time, TERA has stylized beautiful graphics and requires Intel i3 7100 with GeForce GTX 760 to play.

Guild Wars 2 Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz
  • File Size: 50 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit only)

Guild Wars 2 also has a simple stylized graphics style, which looks especially nice on curious miniature Asura and catlike Charr. Despite its simple design, the graphics of this game is easy to distinguish from other projects — unrealistic proportions of characters and easy animations are combined with hyper-realistic textures and perfectly designed locations. GW2's music, history and visual style are perfectly connected to each other, which allows you to believe in the history of this world and stay in this project for a long time. In addition, despite its high-quality performance, GW2 has quite low system requirements and can run even on weak computers.

Endgame Content in Guild Wars 2

Which One is Better?

Even though both GW2 and TERA have a large variety of content and opportunities for unique gameplay, there are objective reasons to choose one or another video game. If you are looking for a chance to play an interesting fantasy game for free, explore the plot and spend time completing the challenges with your friends, you should choose TERA — this game is easy to immerse, and it has an unusual open world. If you prefer PvP content, epic cross-server battles and you can afford to buy expansion packs, pay attention to Guild Wars 2 — this game is suitable for you.

Who is the winner?

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