Guild Wars 2 will soon receive the first underwater mount

A few years after the presence of mounts in the game, the development team of RvR MMORPG Guild Wars is preparing the possibility of underwater travel on mounts.

Mounts were first added to the game in 2017 with the release of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Each riding animal has unique features that allow players to get to hard-to-reach places: for example, a giant Skimmer can glide above the water. On the 25th of August, the developers plan to add a new skill for this mount which will allow players to travel underwater. Only players who purchased the Path of Fire addons will be able to unlock and learn the new skills.

In addition, from the 14th of August, the game will receive special weeklong effects for World vs. World mode. The bonus includes double experience, a 50% increase in magic find and a 25% award scale progress bonus. The peculiarity of this bonus is also that when the health of players on these cards will reach zero, they will die immediately after missing the downed state.