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Hero Zero Review

By BwwDtt | 13 July 2020
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Hero Zero is a free-to-play multiplayer online role-playing game in superhero setting.

  • Regular updates with new content
  • Deep character customization
  • Multiplayer game modes
  • Diverse PvP and team battles

Hero Zero Gameplay

Create your superhero in a funny world populated by hundreds of scoundrels, criminals and bosses. Fight crime in different parts of the world to become the most influential and most formidable superhero of the universe. Only you can bring peace and justice back into this world. Unlock hilarious, powerful gadgets and upgrades for the hero to equip for epic battles and challenging single missions.

Build your own Heroic Shelter, a secret base hidden under your home, upgrade and change your hideout to make it more useful, and receive higher rewards. You can even compete with other players to find out who can build the best Heroic Hideout.

Players can create a hero in their favourite style. Each appearance option (hair, lips, nose, eyebrows) in Hero Zero can be changed with sliders. The game store sells many different clothes and equipment that improves the appearance; it also can be used for quests.

Join a team of other players or create your own and build headquarters to fight evil even more effectively; the multiplayer mode opens access to exciting multiplayer battles. No one can stop you from conquering the list of leaders on the steep path of the most successful superhero in the world.

The beginner characters start their story as a good kid who performs the most straightforward tasks, but soon the complexity and variety of quests will increase. There are two types of missions in Hero Zero: temporary and combat. Successful works are rewarded with experience points for skills development and coins to buy equipment. As the abilities and arsenal improve, the player is exposed to a world in which he encounters real supervillains.

On the practice mode, you can train and sharpen any skill. You can speed up your training process by doughnuts. You can also enter the fight mode and try on your strength with other players. You can also play the game collectively and fight in large groups.

The superhero life in Hero Zero is quite simple. In the beginning, we create a character with the help of the editor, choosing the head, eyes, mouth, ears and try on a vast number of costumes, every detail of which can be changed. Then we proceed to action, develop the character by performing various quests, both daily and story-related. The tasks will not require any knowledge of the terrain or efforts from you, because your hero completes quests automatically.

You will need coins to buy all sorts of things. You can get them for completing tasks, work, winning battles, and selling unnecessary items. Another resource in Hero Zero is doughnuts, which are useful for buying various stimulants and other things.