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Heroes of Newerth Review

By BwwDtt | 20 November 2019
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Heroes of Newerth (HoN) — a computer game in MOBA genre, developed by Frostburn Studios and S2 Games.

  • A team voice chat that helps players to coordinate
  • A user protection from players who often leave matches
  • Customizable avatars, voice acting, icons and flags.
  • Lots of game modes

Heroes of Newerth Gameplay

The gameplay is similar to DOTA: the goal of the players will be the destruction of the enemy fountain. In the lower corner is the Legion faction base, and in the upper edge is the fraction of the Hellbourne base. In the centre of both is the main building, having lost which, the team loses the game. There are three lines on the map: easy, middle and hard. Three towers guard each of them. Every 30 seconds, computer-controlled creeps come from all the edges. When the barracks destroys on one of the lines (depending on the type of destroyed structure), the creeps become stronger. Also, in the game, there are neutral creeps that appear every minute in the forest camps.

Standing next to the dying creeps, the player gains the experience necessary to obtain a new level and levelling abilities. Also, finishing them, he receives the gold required to purchase items. Purchased items increase some characteristics of the character; many of them also have unique effects (applying debuffs like silence).

There is also a Kongor boss in the game. Often, all or most of the team is required to kill him. After death, he leaves Token of Life, which gives the character who picked it up the ability to instantly resurrect after death (can be used only once). On the third kill of Kongor, bananas fall out of him, restoring the health of the characters who picked them.

Heroes of Newerth Characters

Players can control only one hero, in rare cases — summoned creatures. Each character has unique abilities. All heroes have a primary characteristic divided into three types:

  • Strength — allows heroes to have a high health reserve and good base damage
  • Agility — a plentiful supply of armour and high attack speed depends on that characteristic.
  • Intelligence — provides a large amount of mana and powerful active abilities, but often makes heroes fragile.


  • Carry — weak in the initial stages. It needs a lot of gold to buy the necessary items. In a late game, it can cope with the entire enemy team. Most often sent to the bottom line with support.
  • Ganker — a hero with high solo target killing potential. In the late game, they act as a damager of the second position.
  • Initiator — a hero with control abilities capable of neutralizing part or the whole enemy team in battle.
  • Support — a hero that does not need a lot of gold to be useful to allies. Main functions: set wards for review, help carry on the line, control opponents in the team fight.
  • Jungler — a character with skills that allow them to clear forest creep camps from the first level. Later begins to play one of the main roles: carry, initiator or ganker.

Heroes of Newerth Game Modes

The list of available heroes, maps, accessibility of bans depends on the selected game mode.

  • All Pick — players can choose any hero except those that have already been selected.
  • All Random — all players receive a random hero. Starting gold increased by 250.
  • Balanced Random — all players receive one hero of the main roles: carry, support, initiator and ganker. The fifth hero chooses randomly. Starting gold is also increased by 250.
  • Single Draft — each player gets a choice of three heroes with different main characteristics.
  • Banning Pick — a mode in which team captains ban four heroes that the teams would not like to see in the game. Then the players take turns choosing the remaining ones.
  • Blind Ban — a mode in which each player bans one hero and then selects from the remaining ones in turn.
  • Shuffle Pick — each player selects three heroes. At the beginning of the game, he receives a hero chosen first, but with random abilities selected from the arsenal of all three. After death, all abilities change again. This mode can only be played on the Rift Wars map.
  • Blitz — a mode in which the cooldown of abilities, their mana cost is significantly reduced, as well as increased speed, damage from auto-attacks and regeneration.
  • Random Draft — each team is provided with a list of 24 random heroes, which players take turns choosing from the list.
  • Banning Draft — similar to a Random Draft, but with one difference: captains ban two heroes before starting a choice.
  • Captains Mode — the choice of characters is carried out by the captain.

Heroes of Newerth System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 1.5 GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel GMA 950
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz
  • File Size: 6 GB
  • OS: Win 2000/XP/Vista/7

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 3 GB
  • Graphics Card: Geforce 7800 256 MB or better
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 2.2GHz
  • File Size: 6 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)