Heroes of the Storm received a new hero Hogger from the World of Warcraft

Hogger Heroes of the Storm Update December 2020

The new character who was added in the MOBA Heroes of the Storm is a gnoll named Hogger; this hero has arrived from the universe of World Of Warcraft. Since November 24th, it was possible to play for him only on a testing client, and now he's available on the main servers.

Hogger is one of the most famous quest enemies in WoW. He is the first elite enemy who got in the way of the Alliance characters who explored the territory of humans. A long time ago, the Hogger had level 11 and three active abilities, and he was an elite goal for the quest in the starting location of humans. It was impossible to kill him alone, which made players remember this enemy for a long time. After a while, the locations were redesigned, the quest became much easier, and now everyone can capture the Gnoll and send him to Stormgrad prison alone. In prison, the Hogger becomes the instigator of the riot, and the Stormgrad's guards send players to the dungeon to finally deal with the Gnoll.

Heroes of the Storm Hogger
This is what Azeroth’s most dangerous gnoll looked like in the early years of World of Warcraft

In Heroes of the Storm, Hogger accumulates rage receiving and dealing damage, which allows him to reduce the time to restore his abilities. This hero can throw enemies in front of it, throw dynamite, and rush into the enemy's thick, causing damage to everyone around him. The first ultimate ability allows the hero to jump on the target slowing enemies around it, while the second sends a shock wave stunning everyone in a straight line. More details about the Hogger can be found on the special page.

In addition to the new hero, the update has removed the last anomaly in the Nexus, improved the balance and made an essential change in the match-making. Now the selection of opponents in the rating mode for groups will depend only on the rating of the participant with the highest index.