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Heroes at War Review

By BwwDtt | 14 January 2020
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Heroes at War is a browser-based MMO strategy in a medieval setting, released in 2016.

  • Picturesque visual style
  • Well-balanced classical mechanics
  • Social-oriented gameplay
  • Newbie-friendly game

Heroes at War Gameplay

Heroes at War is an online multiplayer strategy in a medieval setting, featuring several RPG mechanics and many social-based activities. In this game, the player's goal is to develop a sufficient kingdom and conquer the lands of other players. Each player starts with a small settlement with no army, but during the introduction questline, you will build the first resource production structures and recruit military units. Also, in Heroes at War, you have a playable character, which represents you in the game world. The hero can receive experience points, equip different items, and lead your army. Level of your character influences on the bonus stats, the power of your army and pace of the resource production.

The first and one of the essential activities of Heroes at War is a combat system, which features the fast-paced and dynamic battles with other players. First of all, you have to recruit and train a powerful army. The game has dozens of different military units: the militia, knights, sentinels, cavalry, mages, archers, druids, and many others. You can gather all them up in the group of the units to make a better army disposition. Using your army, you can attack the kingdoms of other players, resource sources, clear the locations with mythical creatures, or protect your settlement from the attacks of enemies. All of the battles are happening in real-time, only in automatic mode. If you have sieged a castle of another player successfully, you can plunder it and bring the resources back to your kingdom. The amount of received goods depends on the level and type of troops which was involved in the battle. Remember that all kinds of soldiers require resources for maintenance.

Another core aspect of Heroes at War is a settlement building. You can place different structures on your territory; each one provides unique resources or serves as a decorative feature. Also, you can customize the appearance of your kingdom, choose the situation of all buildings, and defend your base with the strategic structures. The game has five basic types of resources: wood, stone, steel, grain, and silver. The first four can be obtained with the help of specific buildings, and the last one can be received only by trades, quests, or from conquered cities. Heroes at War also has a premium currency called crystals. Using this resource, you can speed up the development of your kingdom and buy various benefits, which is accessible only for VIP players. The last additional currency is honour points, which can be obtained for the completion of daily quests and each celebration organized at your castle. You can buy exclusive benefits with these points; for example, you can speed up the production of chosen resource for a day. It costs many honour points, so you have to select the improvement wisely. There is also a more simple opportunity to increase the productivity of resource production in your kingdom: you can improve the structures and unites by different scientific researches. Amount of the improvements is limited and depends on the level of the player — the more levelled you are, the more developed your kingdom.

Heroes at War is a perfect game for fans of strategies, especially in a medieval setting. It has immersive gameplay and well-balanced combat systems. Even though it's based on classic mechanics of the strategy genre, it's entertaining.