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HeroSmash Review

By BwwDtt | 28 February 2020
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HeroSmash is a role-playing MMO game, developed by Artix Entertainment.

  • Several game modes
  • Unique comic-style graphics
  • Unusual class combinations
  • Dynamic, fast-paced PvP

HeroSmash Gameplay

Comic lovers will adore HeroSmash because it has bright cartoon-like animations and musical accompaniment which sets the heroic mood. Unfortunately, the game doesn't provide the users with a step-by-step guide, which means you will have to learn the mechanics by yourself. When searching for additional information or another mission, it is required to find an NPC with an exclamation mark above them.

Before you start the game, you will have to create your unique character. HeroSmash doesn't have any classes. Instead, the game offers full customization of the skills; you can choose the facial features, gender, skin tone and clothing styles. The colour of all the individual parts can be selected on the colour palette.

In the beginning, this MMO introduces you to hero or villain sides. The original plot will remain the same for both factions, but several missions will be based on the team to you will attach. Don't hesitate to decide - both paths are equally exciting to try. Moreover, there are three character slots in case you change your mind. The game has a system of good and evil points; you can buy skills and items for them.

After the intro of the game, you will have to find an NPC who will introduce you into gameplay mechanics. At the low level, the missions tend to be more linear and straightforward in comparison to the advanced ones. The factions don't matter when it comes to co-play. You can visit a vast of free locations at any stage of your character development.

Explore the entire world, filled with more than a hundred monsters of different levels, some of them are seasonal. The more HP the mobs have, the higher their level and the harder it is to defeat them. In case you can't accomplish the quest, you can abandon it and lose all the progress. When the missions from the lists are completed, you will fight a boss.

HeroSmash has a standard auto-battling system, where you point and click on the enemy. However, you can influence the fight by applying one of the numerous superpowers. You can pick several attacks from the inventory and drag them to the action bar. The powers will range from fast-replenishing to ones with the highest DPS. In case you lose the fight, you will be reborn. The main feature of the game is the freedom of movement between the locations of the imaginary universe. You can interact with other users, power up, test your flying abilities and generate exclusive rewards for defeating rare monsters.

HeroSmash is a traditional RPG. You can participate in a PvP or enjoy the PvE fights. HeroSmash provides several formats of the PvP battles: Team Battles, Power Defense, Royal Duels and PvP Duels. Team Battle consists of two groups with three players in each. These teams will collect points as they fight, the first team who receives a thousand points wins. The difference in individual's levels measures the total score. The higher the level of the victim is, the more points the opponents will receive.

Power Defense involves a conflict between the villains and the heroes that demonstrates the confrontation of the forces. Each group must gain maximum strength while standing on the platforms; the one who managed to get more energy wins. Royal Duals are based on a well-known analogue "Free for All" where the group members compete against each other until they reach the required score. PvP Duels represent ordinary PvP battles where players challenge each other until one of them dies. These fights can get you medals and raise your status among other users.

HeroSmash presents loads of time-limited events, and some are stylized according to the on-going holiday. Moreover, depending on a holiday, the developers will add thematic locations, mobs and equipment. The benefit of this MMO is that you don't have to grind for the gear. Still, some perks of the game will be available only to membership owners. The subscription will open more content; you can secure it with actual cash in the store.