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Hunter x Hunter Online Review

By BwwDtt | 04 March 2020
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Hunter x Hunter Online is a free-to-play MMORPG, based on popular Japanese manga and developed by UniGame.

  • Anime-based setting
  • The lovely cartoonish visual style
  • Interesting immersive plot
  • Many side activities

Hunter x Hunter Online Gameplay

Hunter x Hunter Online will introduce you to the vivid and action-packed universe of the same-titled cartoon series. This browser MMO opens up the world of the anime through its colourful 3D graphics and interactive gameplay. The game provides an opportunity to play as Gon, the main character of the original series, or as unique hero. You will explore the world with him and follow his path of adventures. In HxH Online, you can picture all the remarkable and unforgettable moments from the original manga; moreover, you will be able to experience something new.

Once you selected the character's gender and appearance, you will jump straight into the game after completing a small tutorial, where one of the main characters will help you to defeat the Foxbear in the forest. It is the start of the adventure and the beginning of the storyline. In this MMO, it is necessary to follow the quest and gather your team to eliminate powerful enemies. One of the NPCs will join your side to help with future missions; completion of the tasks will be rewarded with EXP and special prizes.

In Hunter x Hunter Online, it is not possible to choose a class. However, you can recruit available characters from the saga to create your unique dream team. For the best outcome in the battle, collect the champions and mix them depending on your enemies' weaknesses. It is possible to personalise your hero with custom masks, belts or shields. You can use the armour to level up faster and to enhance your current abilities; also, it can be refined at level 30. During the missions, it is crucial to find crystals, because it will help to boost your hero's essential stats and to raise the star rating of other team members.

The game provides players with plenty of freedom, which goes far beyond the quests. There are three modes, two of them are PvE and PvP. One of the benefits of this MMO is an auto-battling system, which is called the AFK mode. The user can multitask, while the game will play itself during the combat. Moreover, this system allows you to complete the battles at a faster pace.

The PvE aspect of the game consists of challenging tasks, which are necessary to be completed for better gear and power-ups. Following that, you have a choice between fighting the world bosses and the guild dungeons. The first ones are highly demanding in terms of characters' stars and their power, but the rewards are truly amazing. There is an option of training your warriors at the academy, where you will be required to search for the objects that will boost your champion's skills.

Still, the true beauty of the Hunter x Hunter Online hides in its PvP content. This mode can be split into two different parts. The first PVP demands you to fight other players on the platform and climb up the ranks. The higher position you will earn on the list, the more exclusive rewards you will receive at the end. Top players are allowed to purchase individual items from the arena store, as several types of good require you to reach a particular ranking before the acquisition. There is also a world battleground, where you can challenge any users who are looking for renouncement and fabulous prizes. Remember that this function is limited to five tries per day.

The next solo mode option, which is not a standard PvP is the Sky Arena. It's a specific open battleground for multiplayer battles. On this platform, you will confront the AI on every floor. The teams, unlike the ones in the quests, are non-identical champions with a preselected level of difficulty. Since the AI excludes the human factor, passing the stages on the ladder is much harder. Keep in mind that the Sky Arena resets daily.

Hunter x Hunter Online offers a cash shop, but there are only two types of currencies. One can be acquired through various achievements; the other one can be purchased with real cash. Unfortunately, insignificant donations are not being given a considerable advantage, as most of the necessary stuff you will need can be bought from the in-game earned gems. However, there is a VIP membership which opens new opportunities for the player, such as a quick search for the resources and extra perks.