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Hunter’s Arena: Legends Review

By BwwDtt | 11 May 2020
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Hunter’s Arena: Legends is an action-based MMORPG battle-royale developed and published by Mantisco.

  • Intuitive Combat System
  • Various Available Classes
  • Unique Fusion of PvP and PvE
  • Massive Game World

Hunter’s Arena: Legends Gameplay

Hunter’s Arena: Legends combines various game aspects of MMORPG and Battle-Royale and creates a new unique experience. The game starts with a story about a demon tomb with the activated trap that slowly shrinks the playable area over three in-game days. The remaining survivors cooperate and fight with each other to escape the deadly danger.

The game world is massive, and it presents the players with different biomes. Snowed mountains occupy a part of the map, and other locations show swamps and deserts. Various creatures and monsters inhabit all parts of the world, and it allows players to find an effective way to increase their chances of winning considering the surroundings. The mobs are the primary source of experience and loot. Every selectable character has plenty of abilities that can be unlocked, and itemization is a crucial part of every match. You need to grind and collect rewards along with outliving your opponents and being aware that another player can also ambush you at any time.

The combat in Hunter’s Arena: Legends is intuitive and flexible, and various factors affect your abilities and power. You can strategically cancel the animations of attacks to perform counter-actions considering the situation, and it is possible to use terrain to perform ambushing attacks or cover from ranged characters. Various mechanics, such as stun, block, dodge, jump and more others allow to come up with unique strategies for every hero, and that makes every match almost unpredictable.

The game features a wide variety of characters, and the developers continuously add more of them along with unique mechanics and abilities. The diversity of the playable units is broad, and there are gods, devils, humans, gorillas, pandas and anime characters. They all have unique abilities that fit the lore and concept, and hundreds of available items on the map allow the players to customize their heroes even further.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends supports multiple game modes; the battle-royale allows you to compete with others in solo mode or with up to two friends to experience team battles. You can also join an arena match which features a more straightforward free-for-all battle. The player-versus-environment aspect of the game enables you to cooperate with your friends and go through a dungeon to challenge the hardest bosses of the game.

The graphics in Hunter’s Arena: Legends look realistic, and Unreal Engine 4 does an excellent job to provide the players with the best-looking environment possible. Various settings allow customizing the video, audio and controller options to fit their playstyle. The game supports both keyboard and mouse kit and controller, and you can customize it at any time.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a unique combination of MMORPG and Battle-Royale game modes, and it is a challenge for the players to experience both at the same time with the primary objective to survive and become the last one standing. This project brings the communities of both genres together to form a larger unified one, and the game fits both casual and hardcore players because the diversity of available content is vast, and there is something to do for everyone.

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