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Imperia Online Review

By BwwDtt | 25 November 2019
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Imperia Online is a browser-based medieval strategy, developed by Imperia Online JSC.

  • Realistic economy and military strategy mechanics
  • Complex battle system
  • Regular major updates with global events
  • Various tournaments for players

Imperia Online Gameplay

Imperia Online is a complex strategy game with different mechanics and activities, such as city management, building, and various social-based events. Each player starts the game with similar conditions; the primary goal of the game is to develop the most influential empire.

Every player starts the game with a small capital city. The annexation of territories can expand the borders of your province. To own a massive empire with many annexed areas means to have high incomes and a strong army. Still, at the same time, you have to cope with the spirit of the population - you need to maintain a sufficient level of happiness of the people, choose the optimal tax level, arrange festivals, protect citizens from the attacks of barbarians and other players.

Since Imperia Online Version 6, you can increase the stats of your city by hiring the Great People. You can select the Emperor and the Governor. Each member of the royal court has its inborn talents and features, so you can choose the most suitable people to rule your kingdom. You can also choose the people that are close to the royal family.

To facilitate the protection of city walls from enemy attacks, you can leave defenders in the city or join an Alliance so that other players can support you during the game. Participation in the Alliance opens access to the alliance treasury, waging wars, alliance buildings, and different expansions. You can help your allies by defending their cities or by sharing the gold and resources with them.

Most common activities of Imperia Online divided into two categories. First one is the development of the empire. You can construct various buildings, develop them, increase the level of bonuses, and manage the resources of cities.

At the moment, there are 29 different types of buildings, both for military and economic purposes, in Imperia Online. All of them can get upgrades. The level increase of the building or technology demands various resources, such as Wood, Stone, Iron, and Gold. Also, you can buy a premium currency called Diamonds. Moreover, for completing quests, you can get more than 50 types of specific resources from experience gain to various production, troops, and military units.

The territories of the province could be expanded by colonizing neutral areas or by besieging the domains of other players. Still, this option requires a powerful army and lots of resources.

The second type of activities in Imperia Online is the battle options. It includes the recruiting and training of various troops, battles on the field, and sieges. All fights played automatically, so you need to know the tactics and evaluate a situation soberly. You can obtain information about the enemy by recruiting a spy in the current area. There are several different modes of battle: the Field Battle, Fortress Siege, and Pillage. Main differences between the Siege and Pillage is that by choosing the first mode, you will get the resources after the battle, and by selecting the second one your troops will engage the civil population. The Field Battle is the simple fight; the only profits of this mode are honour and military points.

Who is it For?

Imperia Online is a perfect game for fans of medieval strategies with dynamic battles and exciting quests. It also has low specs and excellent graphics, since this is a browser-based game.