Indie MMORPG Profane received improved graphics

Profane MMORPG Graphics Redesign 2020

Indie MMORPG with sandbox elements Profane will soon receive a new visual style. The developers revealed trailer of the improvements which will soon appear in the alpha client of the game. Previously, the graphics were more cartoon-like, but now the developers will add more realism.

The new project trailer shows a specially created scene to test various artistic elements on the engine. It is worth noting that many of the new assays are still under development and have not been presented, so do not consider this the final option.

Profane is an MMORPG with sandbox elements. INSANE Studio has developed the project since 2015 for the PC. Players in Profane are not limited to class or level and can travel around the world from the start, and skills can be pumped simply by using them as often as possible.