Indie MMORPG Temtem will be relesed on PS5 on December 8th

Temtem PS5 PlayStation 5 Early Access Release December 8th 2020

Crema Studio published an article in which it answered frequently asked questions about pet MMORPG Temtem version for PlayStation 5. It was confirmed that the next-generation console would run the game in 4K resolution and 60 FPS frame rate. Developers are planning to implement a performance mode that will provide 120 FPS at a lower resolution, but only after a period of early access.

The other details of the PS5 version of Temtem include many exciting features. At the start of early access, the game will feature 30 hours of the story campaign, 100 tems, housing system, customization of the character, ranked matchmaking, weekly challenged, special ultra-rare temtems and much more.

During the period of early access developers are planning to add 61 temtems, auction, clan PvP-mode Club Wars, hardcore game mode, mythical temtems, in-game tournaments and more. The content of the Deluxe Edition is not revealed yet, but it will include additional cosmetic items. The game will support "Activity" function for PS5; all progress will be saved after the release, trophies will also be added after the release. The developers try to make trophies which won't depend on the already unavailable content.

Temtem is an MMORPG based on the idea similar to Pokemon: this game has a vast open-world, PvP with manually controlled pets, many creatures for domestication and collection, development, as well as with a fully customizable avatar and even housing system. Temtem will be released on PlayStation 5 in the early access stage on December 8th, 2020.