Indie Roguelike Spelunky 2 is Out on PC

Spelunky 2 PC Release 2020 2020

Two weeks after its release on PlayStation 4, the indie roguelike game Spelunky 2 is now available on PC in Steam. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no online multiplayer in the PC version, but you can play in the cooperative at one screen.

The developers have promised to add an online multiplayer mode that already supports cross-player. In addition to the cooperative, several PvP modes (Deathmatch and Hold the Idol) will also appear in the future.

Spelunky 2 is a sequel to the original platformer, which will send players not only to the mines and caves but also to the surface of the earth, where players are waiting for completely new locations to explore. Since its launch on PlayStation 4, the game has received many positive reviews from both the press and players.