Infinity Plus Two Studios announced a new game in Puzzle Quest series

Today, publisher 505 Games and Infinity Plus Two Studios unveiled a new instalment in the series. The new game will be called Puzzle Quest 3; Puzzle Quest is a mixture of an RPG and a three-in-a-row puzzle game. Earlier this month, 505 Games announced its acquisition of Infinity Plus Two. The upcoming Puzzle Quest will be the first project the studio has developed as part of 505 Games.

The threequel is set 500 years after the events of the original. You will embark on an epic journey to uncover the mystery of the dying words spoken by the ancient Red Dragon. For the first time in 11 years, players will once again explore the world of Eternia, where they will have to fight monsters through combinations of gems. The game trailer revealed the three-dimensional world, which will be an important new feature for the series, as well as other innovations that will change the usual gameplay project.

As before, the battles with enemies are based on the mechanics of Three in a Row. Of the innovations in the announcement mentioned 3D-world. The developers haven't shared any information about the implementation of this feature yet; most likely, it will be explained in the next updates.

Strategy puzzle game Puzzle Quest 3 will be released for P.C. and mobile devices in 2021. The game will be free-to-play, most likely with purchasable bonuses like other three-in-a-row games.