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Jade Goddess Review

By BwwDtt | 01 July 2020
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Jade Goddess is a new automatic browser MMORPG which immerses players in a fascinating world of Asian myths.

  • Perfect auto-battle bot
  • Simple storyline and immersive action
  • Four playable classes
  • Many social-based features

Jade Goddess Gameplay

Jade Goddess has a fascinating storyline based on Asian myths and legends. This game provides an opportunity to explore the big world alone or with friends. You can join the battle with evil by registering in the game on the official website.

First, you need to create a character with one of four classes with unique skills and features. There are many ways of character development in the game: craft, astral power and manuscripts to improve the equipment. Jade Goddess also has all the features of classic MMORPG: companions, decorative items, artefacts, superweapons, mounts and much more. Also, you will have to choose your pet which will be your loyal assistant who always accompanies you in the combat campaigns.

One of the features of the Jade Goddes is the modern graphic style. It has excellent visual effects, unique game systems and a unique avatar system. It also has a lot of unusual fantasy elements in it, which differs it from other games.

The events of Jade Goddess set in the kingdom of Jade. A Jade goddess was favourite of ordinary mortals, but the war began, and people have forgotten about the ancient deity who protected them for many centuries. Darkness and terror settled in the kingdom of Jade, and the dark days began. The main goal of the game is to defeat the kingdom of darkness. You need to destroy all monsters and return peace and prosperity to the land of Jade.

Team game in Jade Goddess is the key to passing difficult tasks. Joining the guild, you find not only friends but also loyal allies. Once you reach level 37, you will be asked to choose a faction. There are only two of them in the game - the gods and demons. The choice of faction will depend not only on your appearance but also on the way of development and class of the hero.

Also, in Jade Goddess, you can find a soulmate. Starting with level 48, you can have a wedding, which will open a new way to increase your power. You can have a wedding with a player who has also reached level 48. You will have to pay for the wedding, and the ceremony will be paid for by the group leader. To perform the wedding, you need to contact the lunar elderman. After the ceremony, the spouses will have to increase their level of intimacy by giving each other gifts and performing special tasks.

Jade Goddess Classes

Hunter — these characters can't imagine themselves without a bow and arrows because that's their primary weapon. The hunter class has enhanced damage characteristics and serious critical damage rate that allows destroying an enemy in a fraction of a second.

Warrior — they're masters of blades which can cut the enemies into thousands of pieces in a single moment. Swordsmen have a high rate of a physical attack in close combat and excellent health. They easily manoeuvre between earth and sky, making them practically invincible.

Furia — the magic of the Furia can defeat an entire army of enemies. Their magic staffs can create fiery flowers or devastating storms. These wizards are helped by all the forces of nature because they command magic. Furies are indispensable in long-range combat; with the skill of group attack, they can stop whole enemy armies.

Amazon — these characters spent years of meditation and training to achieve unsurpassed skill in combat dance. After this difficult path, Amazon became an invincible warrior. Using the power of ice, she ruthlessly kills her enemies with round blades.

In addition to character selection, you'll also have to choose your pet. The level of the pet will also need to be developed to make your assistant not just a companion, but a loyal defender who will always come to the rescue in difficult moments.