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Khan Wars Review

By BwwDtt | 21 September 2020
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Khan Wars is an old-school real-time strategy game featuring plenty of playable nations and newbie-friendly gameplay.

  • Dozen of Playable Nations
  • System of Alliances
  • Deep System of Kingdom Development
  • Automatic Combat System

Khan Wars is an online browser strategy in a medieval setting featuring 12 real-world countries at your disposal. The project allows realising all dreams of the history enthusiast: players can play as Mongols to conquer Bretonians and perform other events which can't be completed in real life.

Due to the specifics of the strategy genre, the game has no plot. It is assumed that you and the other rulers of the land will create history. There is a system of alliances in the game, and there may be different nations in the cooperation. The combat consists of real-time turn-based battles with the classic gameplay mechanics, two armies and a field divided into squares. First of all, there are catapults and demands, then infantry and cavalry. At the head of the armies is a hero who increases the characteristics of the troops.

The first thing you have to complete in Khan Wars is to set up an economy by building all the necessary mines, a sawmill, and, of course, the houses where your residents will settle; the citizens are another type of resource, but very important. A whole series of quests will have to be completed to develop the economics of your kingdom. Training in the game will not take you long, because you will explore the essential aspects of the gameplay, such as improving buildings, recruiting troops and attacking NPC camps. The introduction quests take only a couple of minutes of playing time.

There are four types of resources involved: food, wood, iron and gold. It is easy to ensure a constant flow of these resources: all you have to do is build sawmills with mines and plough fields. You can also send an expedition around the city to find extra materials. Also available from civilian buildings are infirmaries for the treatment of wounded warriors, a market for trade routes with neighbours, caches to protect supplies from enemy invasion during sieges, warehouses and homes.

The combat system in the Khan Wars is quite realistic. To hire troops, you need to improve the structures where they will train, whether it be a shooting range or barracks to accommodate the troops. You will also need resources to train your troops and enhance their characteristics.

The battles in Khan Wars are turn-based and automatic. There is nothing unusual in the mechanics, but the combat system provides a wide field for strategy. Moreover, the inability to control troops in battle is quite logical: the real military actions are complex, and it's impossible to change the plan of the war during the combat. After you have assembled an army (which is a quite challenge), you need to set up your troops, set the order of the attack, appoint a commander, and solve many other tasks before you can send them into battle.