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King’s Bounty: Legions Review

By BwwDtt | 11 August 2020
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King’s Bounty: Legions is a turn-based strategy video game developed and published by Nival and KranX productions.

  • Turn-Based Combat
  • Hundreds of Quests
  • Multiplatform Support
  • Ratings and Clans

King’s Bounty: Legions Gameplay

King’s Bounty: Legions features a medieval setting that includes various creatures, magic and diverse environments. The players take control over up to five groups of characters, which can consist of hundreds of identical unit types. The game features a wide range of heroes, such as druids, pirates, knights, black unicorns and others. The units also have their unique lore and backgrounds, and they come from four different realms, which are Chaos, Ancients, Beasts and Kingdom. The game mechanics divide them between five classes, which are Defenders, Magicians, Archers, Healers and Warriors, and they have their unique abilities and characteristics.

King’s Bounty: Legions provides the players with the immersive turn-based combat, and you need to plan and time all the abilities and attacks to outplay the enemies strategically. There are hundreds of possible variations for each battle, and in some cases, you may encounter randomly-generated obstacles and other effects that emerge in the middle of the combat. Some of the spells last for a few turns, and different attack types have unique effects on enemies and various objects on the battlefield. You can also customize the abilities of each character and their equipment to change their attributes and increase the odds of winning in matches against different opponents.

The gamers may explore the immersive main storyline in King’s Bounty: Legions, and it allows the players to explore the massive in-game world and numerous villages to complete various tasks and progress throughout the plot. Each city also offers a selection of side quests and activities that the players do not have to complete to proceed through the story. Still, they provide additional valuable rewards, which you can sell to other players as well. The game also features daily quests, and you can complete or skip them at any time; they provide the players with additional rewards and experience points for the playable characters.

King’s Bounty: Legions provides the players with numerous ways to enjoy the game, and you can use PC, Mac and mobile devices to access your account at any time. Each version fully supports all of the in-game functions, and turn-based combat system does not affect the gameplay as much. You can change various settings and improve the visual quality of the game. Cross-platform gameplay is available for everyone to explore the game together with their friends that use other devices.

King’s Bounty: Legions provides the players with numerous ways to interact with each other, and you can select and join a Clan to participate in battles with your friends and guild members. Some events include sieges of others factions, and players can craft various enchantments to share and empower their allies. The game features an interactive rating system, and you can take part in countless player-versus-player battles to climb the ladder to the top and earn unique rewards and show off your achievements to other players.

King’s Bounty: Legions fits both casual and hardcore players due to the social atmosphere in the game, where the players help each other and group up to complete more challenging objectives. You can participate in diverse activities that fit your playstyle the most, and the game is continuously supported by the developers to provide the gamers with more PvP and PvE content of different difficulty.

King’s Bounty: Legions System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: any graphic card with 1 GB VRAM
  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • File Size: 1 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: any graphic card with 1 GB VRAM
  • CPU: Dual Core 2 GHz
  • File Size: 1 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7