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Knight's Fable Review

By BwwDtt | 16 September 2020
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Knight's Fable is a turn-based MMORPG with strategy elements in a fantasy setting.

  • Character and Pet Development System
  • PVP Arena and Modes
  • Deep Character Customization
  • Wide Variety of Unique Items

Knight's Fable Gameplay

Knight's Fable is a turn-based MMO strategy with numerous features and deep gameplay mechanics. All characters begin their journey as an unknown hero in a fantasy world full of myths and legends. You can choose from 4 different classes; there is a system of guild warfare, cross-server battles, PvP and other combat features. Players will be able to try their skills in player-vs-player battles, tame animals, hire mercenaries in the tavern and summon them during the combat, or unite with other gamers to develop their characters together.

This role-playing game features a big fairytale world, which can be explored by players. During the adventure, heroes can engage in battles with demons and their mighty bosses, develop character's combat skills and even practice the strategic skills in competitions with other players. The developer implemented four playable classes of fighters, which are perfectly balanced, numerous opportunities to create new things, an exciting story campaign.

Knight's Fable is a semi-automatic RPG with automatic battles, movement, and even quest completion. Your influence on the gameplay is expressed more clearly in other aspects of the game. First of all, it is the development and equipment of the character. The choice of available skills, skills, weapons and artefacts is quite broad. Each item can be improved with runes and spells. All this will help in a battle with incredibly strong bosses, which threatens the world of the game. Also, the game has a vast number of different dungeons which can be cleared out for a reward.

Players are provided with numerous opportunities to remake, dispose and improve things. With the help of transformation, it is possible to change specific parameters of items randomly. You can deconstruct unnecessary items and obtain the necessary raw materials. Synthesis allows you to improve the characteristics of weapons by melting usual gear; improvement increases the attributes of objects, but it is quite expensive, and there is a high probability of breaking a piece of armour.

Knight's Fable is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, which tells the story about the confrontation of forces of light and evil demons. Your playable character will have a difficult journey in a dark and dangerous world of myths and legends. Get ready for the battles with dangerous creatures, powerful bosses and their insidious minions living in the virtual universe of this game.

In the Knight's Fable, you will travel through the game world and help the NPS to solve different problems. NPCs provide players with deadly weapons and quality equipment for every completed quest. You can also participate in battles with the monsters and use the skills of the heroes to receive unique rewards. The role-playing system is similar to classical RPG systems: the hero can be developed by gaining experience. EXP points can be acquired by successfully fighting in battles and completing tasks. Each time you raise the level, the character receives the opportunity to grow one of its characteristics.

Knight's Fable Classes

The game has a classic system of character classes: Knights have vampirism ability; Mages use spells that help to inflict severe damage to the enemy; Fighters have a high speed and agility to move and strike; Spiritus supports allies and deals damage to enemies. Each class has different characteristics, and you can develop only those skills that are necessary for this class.