The Korean version of the MMORPG Elyon will receive a new class Slayer

Elyon Slayer Class February 3, 2021

The Korean version of the fantasy MMORPG game Elyon will soon receive a playable class called Slayer. It will be the first class to appear in the game after its release. Players will be able to try it with the next major update, scheduled for February 3, 2021. Class Slayer was announced during the G-STAR 2020. At the same exhibition, the developers showed the first early gameplay video. A new trailer is promised to be unveiled on January 27.

Slayer prefers a two-handed sword as a weapon of choice; he also uses the heavy armour. His basic attacks are slow, but this class is notable for a unique feature: Slayers can enter the special berserk mode, which provides a colossal power and unique abilities.

MMORPG Elyon was released in Korea on December 10, 2020, and has been steadily gaining popularity since then. As it turned out, the current capacity is not enough to keep up with the influx of users and Kakao Games had to open a new server.

The latest update added the RvR mode "Camp" to the game, offering large-scale battles between members of the Vulpin and Ontari factions. Fights take place on three fields in a 150 vs 150 format at the same time. Thus, the total number of conflict participants reaches 900 people. The update also improved class balance, made changes to some dungeons, the housekeeping system, NPC/monster behaviour, quests, interface and items, and improved the Haas night sky graphics.