KurtzPel received an awakening system

Action RPG KurtzPel Awakening The Abyss

An awakening system (the famous feature of many MMORPGs) has finally arrived in multiplayer Action RPG KurtzPel. The latest update is only available for the "Sword Taliah" and "Dance of Wind," but the developers will expand the list in the future.

After you reach level 20 of your character and level 6 of karma, you will unlock a particular awakening quest, which is performed in the dungeons of your level. After unlocking the awakening, you will be able to increase your Karma level up to level 11, getting more powerful with each level, unlocking passive skills and normal skills.

In addition to other features, the patch introduced bonuses for the costume sets, added the ability to unlock sets directly through your inventory and launched an event with many rewards. A full list of changes can be found on a special page.

KurtzPel is a third-person, anime-style action combat game. Players can fight in both PvP and PvE combat modes. The developers promise to regularly delight players with exclusive PVP and PVE content. Interesting missions and exciting battles with monsters and other players are waiting for you in this game.

Action RPG KurtzPel Awakening