The largest expansion for Conan Exiles will be released next week

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Addon September 15th

Funcom has announced the biggest add-on for survival MMO game Conan Exiles "Isle of Siptah". It will be released on September 15th and add new territory, dungeons and enemies in the game. The developers will show all the features of an upcoming expansion and answer the community questions on tomorrow's Twitch stream, scheduled for 11 AM EST/17:00 CEST.

All players will start playing Isle of Siptah expansion with new characters on an island full of evil forces and hidden places. The developers have prepared more than a dozen dungeons and placed on the map a mysterious dark tower surrounded by a magical storm.

In the Isle of Siptah, all players will be able to open magic portals and bring NPCs from the lands of exiles on the island. The expansion will also provide access to new construction kits, which includes the shipwrecks remains and stormglass. Among other features, the developers also introduced a new rhino mount.