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League of Angels Review

By BwwDtt | 08 November 2019
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League of Angels is a browser-based 2D fantasy MMORPG with the elements of SLG, developed by R2Games.

  • Exciting plot and backgrounds of characters
  • Dynamic turn-based combat
  • AFK system with game-bots
  • Lots of powerful companions-angels

League of Angels Gameplay

The game has some unusual features, which not every player will like. It has AFK system. It means that the bot develops your character while you are out of the game. The game, in many aspects, almost completely automated. This feature helps you to level up your character faster, but then you cannot fully immerse yourself in the game if the program does everything for you.

There is also a cross-server PvP, where a lot of people can take part in, and lots of different PvE and PvP content. You can spend your time upgrading the equipment, farming Dragon Souls or training your companions. The mounts are also an important aspect of the game. You can tame or buy a pet mount and upgrade it, and the stats of your mount will increase yours.

The main feature of League of Angels is that you can recruit real angels to help you. You can make your companions stronger by Bonding with it. This action increases the XP of the angel. The higher the level of your guardian, the higher the damage that she can cause in battle. Bonding also increases the size of the angel's Halo.

There are nine angels in the game at the moment:

  • Nocturna — your first companion in the League of Angels. Before joining you, she was a night protector of lonely travellers.
  • Alecta — the spirit of vengeance for all human sins, such as wrath, gluttony, laziness, pride, lust, envy, and greed. She deals severe damage to the enemies.
  • Athena — angel of wisdom. She casts Celestial Light to cause the damage to enemies, and also this companion can decrease the foe's attack.
  • Boadicea — a strong angel of war. She protects all warriors in the world. Hear primary abilities are damage dealing and buffing.
  • Glacia — angel of the winter. She is a great damage dealer and support because this companion knows severe damage and buff skills at the same time.
  • Loralei — a defender of the young people. She supports all the young men and women in need. She is a good damage dealer and support.
  • Lunaria — angel of the Moon, one of the strongest and rarest companions in the game. She has sworn to protect the weak, so she will always come to the aid of her allies, using her buffs.
  • Marina — she is a patron of the sailors and protector of the seas. Marina has strong attack skills and helpful buff from the Halo.
  • Sylvia — a powerful nature keeper. She defends humans from the creatures of woods. This companion both has high damage and strong supportive skills.

The League of Angels is a game with beautiful graphics and interesting lore. It is also suitable for casual players, who do not want to spend their time levelling the character.

League of Angels Classes

As in most MMO games, the League of Angels has a classic character creation feature. You can choose a name, gender and class of your hero. There are few classes in the game, only three primary specialities. You can decide to pick one of them.

  • Mage is a powerful adept of dark arts. Mages could cast spells with severe damage. They also have a top defence from magic attacks. It is a ranged class.
  • Warrior is a pure damage dealer with high stamina. The Warriors prefer close melee combat.
  • Archer has low defence, but this class is the most severe damage dealer. Archers are long-ranged class.