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League of Angels 3 Review

By BwwDtt | 26 November 2019
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League of Angels 3 is a browser turn-based RPG in a fantasy setting, developed by R2 Games in 2018.

  • Advanced 3D graphics
  • Deep character customization
  • Dozens of unique companions
  • Various PvE and PvP events

League of Angels 3 Gameplay

LoA 3 is a browser-based RPG, based on the lore of previous parts. However, the game does not require players to know the plot of other LoA games. This game has some brand new game mechanics, such as the advanced combat system and pretty 3D visuals.

Even though the past games of this series were able to run even on the weakest computers, LoA 3 refused to keep dull visuals. The developers replaced the simple isometric graphics with complex 3D visualization, with nice-looking models and cinematic camera angles during cutscenes. Now the game requires a good enough computer to run.

When you create an account in League of Angels 3, you can customize your hero. There is an opportunity to change the appearance, name, gender and class. The character also can be customized by purchases in the in-game shop.

Main activities in this game are still the same. You have to grind a lot to get new gear, complete PvE and PvP challenges, and participate in social events. As in the previous parts, character levelling will happen fast and smooth while you complete the main quests. Although these tasks take a big part of the gameplay, in the beginning, the plot of the game itself is used more as a decoration for game activities.

The combat system, as usual, has two types of battles - PvE and PvP. In all competitions, you will get the help of your companions, Angels. You can gather a team of full value, with the tank and support, just using the heroes you collected. You can choose various strategies and combine your Angels as you want. In this game, you can also collect pets and mounts. They have special equipment, upgrades and skills.

One of the main features in League of Angels is wings. Every character can obtain a pair of them during the game through; you can collect them for completing quests, or by in-game purchase. This type of gear gives various stat buffs and passive effects.

Both for casual PvE and hardcore PvP players, the game has lots of unique events and challenges. For example, you can:

  • play the Chess Hero, Autochess-inspired mode;
  • visit the Castle Raiders Event;
  • join the Guild Ward and fight with the mighty Guild Boss;
  • enter the Hero League to get the top rank;
  • participate in unusual Mine Wars;
  • explore the Mystic Domain, full of strange creatures and useful rewards;
  • fight with other players in the Real Challenge;
  • get new companions in the Luminaries;
  • obtain the materials for the Mystic Equipment from the Tree of Origin;
  • hone your skills in the Hero Trials;
  • challenge various bosses in Wailing Gate;
  • fight the mightiest World Boss to save the universe from dragons.

League of Angels 3 Classes

The game has a flexible system of classes. It means your character can be the mage and warrior at the same time, and the build of it depends only on your preferences. It's wise to concentrate on one profession because you can't use all of them at the same time correctly.

The Heroes in LoA 3 divided into five categories of rarity:

  • Nebula Temple — temple of rarest Mythic and Mythic+ heroes.
  • Star Temple — a temple of heroes with Legendary+ rank.
  • Dusk Temple — most of the Legendary heroes belong to that temple.
  • Twilight Temple — a temple of Legendary heroes.
  • Dawn Temple — most of the Epic heroes belong to this category.