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Legend of Warships Review

By BwwDtt | 07 November 2019
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Legend of Warships is a naval MMO game, developed by R2 games.

  • Different types of warships
  • Dynamic PvE battles
  • Three competing factions
  • A whole fleet to command

Legend of Warships Gameplay

Legend of Warships is a naval MMO strategy, which allows the player to command, upgrade and expand the fleet.

When you log in the game for the very first time, you will have to choose a faction. It determines the way how you will achieve supremacy at sea.

First of all, the Warships will come under your command. A Warship is a battle unit in this game; it is a wholly recreated model of a real military ship. To get a new vessel, you need to build it using a particular blueprint. In addition, you can upgrade ships that you already have.
The stats of your warship depends on its quality. It ranges from one to five stars.

You can build new ships at Homeport. In this menu, you can not only create and improve vessels but also engage in other in-game activities, for example, hire a captain or explore badges. There are four captains from different countries to choose from. You can recruit a German Admiral Donitz, a Japanise Marshal Isoroku Yamamoto, a British naval officer Mountbatten, or a fleet admiral of the united states Nimitz. All of them bring different bonuses to your fleet. You can also resolve your captains to join various Events or get Souls to exchange.

To receive a new blueprint, you have to send your agent for it. It can be done for free every two days, or you can buy an Order for diamonds.
The higher the agent level, the better blueprints you get. There are four levels of your assistants in total: Recruit, Veteran, Elite and Secret. The higher the agent level, the more expensive its service.

There are eight types of warships at the moment:

  • (BB) Battleship - a massive heavy-armed military vessel with a battery of large-calibre guns at the deck.
  • (BC) Battle Cruiser - a variation of the battleship with fewer weapons and lighter armour.
  • (CA) Cruiser - a ship designed for sailing in distant waters and for reconnaissance.
  • (CL) Light Cruiser - a small cruiser with light armour. This type of warship is used both for escort of large vessels and for scouting.
  • (CV) Carrier - a mobile airfield for light aircraft. This type of ship has a very high speed of movement to move troops in time during the battle actions. Usually, the aircraft carriers are the largest ships in the fleet.
  • (CVL) Light Carrier - a small aircraft carrier.
  • (DD) Destroyer - a fast and well-armed warship used for the convoy of large vessels and military operations.
  • (SS) Submarine - a vessel created for underwater operations.

The ships can be equipped with four types of weapon.

  • Radar: increases the stat of explosive defence of your ship.
  • Armour: the ability of the ship to withstand shells depends on the amount and quality of armour installed on it.
  • Engine: increases the speed of your vessel.
  • Weapon: enhances the damage that a ship can inflict on the adversary's vessel.

If you want to rise in the top of the players in Legend of Warships, you should participate in the Pacific War, which takes place at eight p.m from Thursday to Sunday, except Saturday. It is a colossal naval battle, which involves dozens of ships in taking part. Here you can show your strategist skills and prove that you are the greatest admiral in the fleet.
For participation in the Pacific War, you can get incredible prizes and privileges, earn an achievement and improve your skills as a ship commander.

The Legend of Warships is a perfect game for novice strategists and fans of naval battles who want to try their hand at managing their fleet.