Legends of Aria will receive new event in Season 7

Legends of Aria MMORPG Early Access Release Season 7

The developers of the indie MMORPG Legends of Aria published a letter apologizing to the community for the delay and revealed new information about the project. First of all, season 7 starts on December 14; it will take place in Misty Caverns in the Southern Rim region and will last for 60 days. This season features new dynamic events where you'll be battling increasing golem resistance. In this new event, you'll have to complete various tasks, killing different bosses and golem enemies.

Together with the update, Legends of Aria received new monthly rewards. You can check out the new Masquerade Mask for PvE players and the PvP-special Demon Mask. The developers have also announced Crimson Sea Transfers—players will be able to transfer their characters and homes to the Ethereal Moon. However, before the transfer, it will be necessary to pack the land.

Legends of Aria is an isometric MMORPG project that offers players a completely open world, a deep character progression system, complex dialogues with NPCs (even random conversations can lead to the new quest). The world of the game is influenced by the consequences of each player's actions. This project also has the support of modifications and other community-driven features. Legends of Aria is inspired by classic projects like Ultima Online.