Legends of Runeterra has received a "Cosmic Creation" add-on

Legends of Runeterra Cosmic Creation Update December 2020

Riot Games has announced the release of the latest expansion for Legends of Runeterra, called "Cosmic Creation". Players can expect three new champions, such as Riven, Victor and Zoe, as well as 40 new collectable cards from different regions. Among them are cards with the new "Enhancement" skill, which improve by +1|+0 each time a "crafted" card is played.

Especially for the players who want to get acquainted with the new mechanics of the add-on, the developers added two tutorial duels: "Augmentation and Progress" and "Reforging the Blade". There are also three new daily quests based on the skills and champions of Space Creation.

Maps in Legends of Runeterra can now be decorated in prismatic styles. It is done using three methods: using prismatic chests (given for quests and at the end of the rank season), spending essence or coins.

Finally, with the release of the add-on, Multilab is now available, which allows you to play not one, but three different timeline modes that have appeared in the game. Right now you can go back to "Quick Draw" from 1.7, "Star Power" from 1.13, and "Journey to the Peak" from 1.11.