Legends of Runeterra received a "Labs" mode with new rules

Legends of Runeterra Labs Mode Screenshot Preview

Riot Games has released update 1.5 for the Legends of Runeterra TCG, the main innovation of which are "Labs". It's a new game mode where players have to use non-standard strategic options.

The first Lab A.R.A.M. provides players with a randomly selected list of champions. At the beginning of the match, they will immediately appear in your hand, and the deck will gather itself from the cards suitable for them. This mode will be temporarily available only for two weeks, and after that, Riot will replace it with a new challenge.

The developers also made changes in balance and gameplay: they nerfed several cards, changes the schedule of the Vault, made various minor changes and fixed bugs. You can find the full patch-note on the official website.