Legends of Runeterra will receive a new region

Legends of Runeterra Roadmap and Targon Region in Call of the Mountain update

Riot Games has announced the next addition for the collectible card game Legends of Runeterra "Call of the Mountain". It will be released on August 26 and will add a new region Targon with 89 cards including seven champions. The developers promise to reveal more information about them closer to the introduction of new content in the game.

The developers also shared a road map with plans for the future updates for the game. The "Call of the Mountain" will become one of the three add-ons included in the so-called release. The first expansion of each set will contain tons of content, including a new region, and the other two will add new maps, including the champions. The add-ons will be released every two months, and the sets will be released every six months, which means that another region would appear in Legends of Runeterra in February 2021.