The Lethor class arrived in MMORPG Vindictus

Vindictus Lethor 16th class Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

The NA version of fantasy MMORPG Vindictus received a significant update, which brought a new class in the game. The new character is a young female warrior named Lethor; she was born into the Auroran Servants clan, which can manipulate the aura. Lethor's primary abilities allow her to cause damage to the area as well as to overwhelm the enemies.

Previously, the developers of Vindictus have published a gameplay trailer of the new hero. Earlier, they also added another new class; the Korean version was expanded with a mighty melee fighter with a sword. Kael is the first new male character for a long time.

Together with a new update, the game received several new features. You can find more information about changes in the game on the official website on Vindictus.