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Lineage 2 Review

Lineage 2 is an MMORPG developed by NCSOFT E&G Studious. Tencent Holdings published the game for China and Innova Co. for Russia and the EU.

  • One of the most popular MMORPGs ever
  • A game that brings people together
  • Regular addons with new game content
  • Well-thought-out character class system
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Lineage 2 Gameplay

The plot of Lineage 2 is pretty simple. There are two continents and three kingdoms on them fighting between each other. You have to choose a side in this conflict and take part in it. Your character’s story begins in the starting location, unique to each class. After reaching level 15-20, you will leave it to find your place in the world of Lineage.

The first step after entering the game is character creation. At this point, you will need to create your hero and pick a name. After creating a character, you can’t change its race and gender anymore, but you can change the appearance using special potions or by purchasing an item in a beauty shop. Besides, the game has a variety of equipment that you can buy, find, or create yourself. Also, you can choose one of the seven races represented in Lineage.

One of the main features of the Lineage is a well-thought-out class system that is unique to each race. All classes split into two types: some use magical abilities and intelligence, while others focus on the physical capabilities of the character. Character class development called a profession. Professions will open during the game. You can also get a dual-profession and even become a Noblesse and get additional skills. The Noblesse status also allows you to participate in the inter-server PVP event called the World Olympics.

After creating the character, you find yourself in the world of Lineage. You are looking at your hero from a third-person view. It is possible to switch the camera to the game from the first-person perspective, but this is not convenient. The game has many locations containing a variety of quests, mobs, and items. As you upgrade, you can open up new opportunities, becoming more and more grandiose with each level. But here lies the main problem of the game: you have to spend a lot of time and effort to raise the character level - Lineage 2 is ultimately about the grind. You have a choice: spend many hours on a rational level up or speed up this process by spending real money.

Exploring locations, you will face not only NPCs controlled by AI, but also characters controlled by other players. Very soon, you will need to join a group or clan, because of the mechanics of the game bases on team play model. You can also create your clan if you want. In addition to the advanced social sphere, the game has its in-game economy. You can sell or exchange items with other players.

There are several everyday activities available to players in Lineage 2. You can complete game quests and daily missions, hunt, fight raid bosses, compete with other players in PvP and besiege castles. Besides, you can spend time playing the role of your character and talking with other players.

Lineage 2 Classes

There are seven races in Lineage 2. All of them have two basic classes. The two main classes found in most races are Fighter as a basic melee class and Mystic as a basic spell-casting class.

  • Humans are the most balanced class in this game. Their way of development has the largest selection of classes but starts with simple Fighter and Mystic.
    First Melee Class Transfer:
    At this step, Fighter can become a Warrior, a Knight Human, or a Rogue. Warrior is a master of a sword.
    Human Knight is a close combat class that has self-healing skills.
    Rogue can use long-range bows and daggers.

    Second Melee Class Transfer:
    The Warrior ---> powerful long-range Warlord
    The Warrior ---> brilliant swordsman Gladiator.
    The Human Knight ---> Paladin that absorb damage and heal party members
    The Human Knight ---> Dark Avenger tank that uses black magic.
    Rogue ---> Hawkeye, a talented archer
    Rogue ---> silent and dangerous Treasure Hunter.

    Third Melee Class Transfer:
    Warlord ---> Dreadnought that uses large weapons to kill crowds of enemies at one time.
    Gladiator ---> Duelist, powerful swordsmen in one-on-one combat. Duelist prefers to use two swords as their weapon.
    Paladin ---> Phoenix Knight, noble support class.
    Dark Avenger ---> bloodthirsty Hell Knight with an irresistible desire to kill.
    Treasure Hunter ---> agile Adventurer, nomad-warrior.
    Hawkeye ---> high skilled archer called Sagittarius.

    Melee Awakening:

    Dreadnought ---> Tyrr Dreadnought, mighty class specialized on Polearms and herding tactics.
    Duelist ---> fast and strong Tyrr Duelist that uses dual swords.
    Phoenix Knight ---> Sigel Phoenix Knight with increased defensive skills.
    Hell Knight ---> Sigel Hell Knight, full of Vampiric Rage.
    Adventurer ---> Othell Adventurer, quick and stormy class.
    Sagittarius ---> Yul Sagittarius, that can pierce the soul of an opponent.

    First Magic Class Transfer:
    At this step, Mystic can become a Wizard or a Cleric.
    The Wizard ---> summons powerful magic and absorb damage with their spells.
    The Cleric ---> uses support magic and heals their wounds.

    Second Magic Class Transfer:

    The Wizard ---> Sorcerer that supports the team with the magic of the elements.
    The Wizard ---> Necromancer, Zombie summoner.
    The Wizard ---> Warlock, powerful summoner. The Cleric ---> Bishop, a melee class that can recover health with spells.
    The Cleric ---> Prophet, that increases team strength.

    Third Magic Class Transfer:
    Sorcerer ---> Archmage, mighty magician.
    Necromancer ---> Soultaker, master of the black magic.
    Warlock ---> Arcana Lord, controls the arcane.
    Bishop ---> Cardinal, ultimate healer.
    Prophet ---> Hierophant, fighter, that can cast support spells.
    Magic Awakening:
    Archmage ---> Feoh Archmage that can use magic beyond human capabilities.
    Soultaker ---> Feoh Soultaker, a caster of complicated spells.
    Arcana Lord ---> Wynn Arcana Lord, that can summon cat servitors.
    Cardinal ---> Aeore Cardinal, ultimate healer.
    Hierophant ---> Iss Hierophant, might magician.

  • Orcs are creations of fire. They are strong warriors of invincible stamina. Like most other races, their basic classes are Fighter and Mystic.
    First Melee Class Transfer:

    Orc Fighter---> Raider, more skilled and strong warrior than others
    Orc Fighter ---> Monk, uses hand-to-hand attacks and magical forces.

    Second Melee Class Transfer:

    Raider ---> Destroyer, a reliable expert warrior
    Monk ---> Tyrant, a top student at the temple of power and fire.

    Third Melee Class Transfer:

    Destroyer ---> Titan, mighty warrior that uses massive two-handed weapons
    Tyrant ---> Grand Khavatari, gifted fighter, and quintessential warrior

    Melee Awakening:

    Titan ---> Tyrr Titan, master of two-handed swords and spears
    Grand Khavatari ---> Tyrr Grand Khavatari, master of fist attacks

    First Magic Class Transfer:

    Orc Mystic ---> Orc Shaman, extensive support and brave warrior

    Second Magic Class Transfer:

    Orc Shaman ---> Overlord, amazing de-buffer
    Orc Shaman ---> Warcryer, talented magical singer

    Third Magic Class Transfer:

    Overlord ---> Dominator, orc leader and strategist
    Warcryer ---> Doomcryer that perfectly fluent in battle songs

    Magic Awakening:

    Dominator ---> Iss Dominator, most powerful buffer
    Doomcryer ---> Iss Doomcryer, party buffer that equally good at attacks and defense

  • Dark Elves are masters of the dark arts and death magic. One day they split off the Elven race because they found their way in worshiping Shilen and dark magic. Their first classes are dark Fighter, and dark Mystic.

    First Melee Class Transfer:

    Dark Fighter ---> Palus Knight, a swordsman with magic abilities.
    Dark Fighter ---> Assassin, Dark Elf Rouge.

    Second Melee Class Transfer:

    Palus Knight ---> Shillien Knight that can summon poisonous cubics.
    Palus Knight ---> Bladedancer with two swords that dances to raise their abilities
    Assassin ---> Abyss Walker, skilled assassin.
    Assassin ---> Phantom Ranger, strong elven archer.

    Third Melee Class Transfer:

    Shillien Knight ---> Shillien Templar, adept of black magic.
    Bladedancer ---> Spectral Dancer, a dangerous dancer with swords.
    Abyss Walker ---> Ghost Hunter, quiet and deadly.
    Phantom Ranger ---> Ghost Sentinel, a mighty archer.

    Melee Awakening:

    Shillien Templar ---> Sigel Shillien Templar, skilled chaotic warrior.
    Spectral Dancer ---> Iss Spectral Dancer, perfect party buffer.
    Ghost Hunter ---> Othell Ghost Hunter, ultimate assassin.
    Ghost Sentinel ---> Yul Ghost Sentinel, relentless and fearless archer.

    First Magic Class Transfer:

    Dark Mystic ---> Dark Wizard that uses the power of elements for their magic.
    Dark Mystic ---> Shillien Oracle that takes power from Gods.

    Second Magic Class Transfer:

    Dark Wizard ---> Spellhowler, a mix of Necromancer and Sorcerer.
    Dark Wizard ---> Phantom Summoner, a defensive warrior that summons wicked spirits.
    Shillien Oracle ---> Shillien Elder, adept of support magic.

    Third Magic Class Transfer:

    Spellhowler ---> Storm Screamer, a powerful wizard.
    Phantom Summoner ---> Storm Screamer, a most accomplished summoner
    Shillien Elder ---> Shillien Saint, devoted followers of Shilen

    Magic Awakening:

    Storm Screamer---> Feoh Storm Screamer, an overpowered magician.
    Spectral Master---> Wynn Spectral Master that able to use phantom-type servitors
    Shillien Saint---> Aeore Shillien Saint, healer and warrior.

  • Dwarves are the perfect crafters. They’re also good at melee combats and resource gathering. There is only one basic class for Dwarves – Fighter. This class later split into Scavenger and Artisan classes.

    First Class Transfer:

    Dwarven Fighter ---> Scavenger, collector of materials.
    Dwarven Fighter ---> Artisan, talented creator.

    Second Class Transfer:
    Scavenger ---> Bounty Hunter, knowing everything about collecting
    Artisan ---> Warsmith, blacksmithing expert

    Third Class Transfer:

    Bounty Hunter ---> Fortune Seeker that able to find anything
    Warsmith ---> Maestro, a unique specialist in blacksmithing


    Fortune Seeker ---> Othell Fortune Seeker that can obtain rarest items.
    Maestro ---> Tyrr Maestro, creator of battle machines.

  • Kamael is a race created by the gods as living killing machines, but the rest of their origin is shrouded in mystery. That is all that known about their history. Abilities of Kamaels depend on their gender, but the basic class is the same for both – they’re Soldiers.

    First Melee Class Transfer:

    Male Soldier ---> Trooper, warriors of dark magic.

    Second Melee Class Transfer:

    Trooper--->Berserker, inimitable in attack
    Trooper--->Soul Breaker, swordsman and magician both.

    Third Melee Class Transfer:
    Berserker ---> Doombringer, master of swordsmanship
    Soul Breaker ---> Soul Hound, soul harvester.

    Melee Awakening:
    Doombringer---> Tyrr Doombringer, most dangerous swordsman.
    Soul Hound---> Feoh Soulhound, the magician of all four elements

    First Magic Class Transfer:

    Female Soldier ---> Warder, mid-ranged archer.

    Second Magic Class Transfer:

    Warder --->Soul Breaker, talented swordsman, and magician.
    Warder --->Arbalester, master of a crossbow.

    Third Magic Class Transfer:

    Soul Breaker--->Soul Hound, soul harvester.
    Arbalester---> Trickster, trap master.

    Magic Awakening:

    Soul Hound---> Feoh Soulhound, the magician of all four elements
    Trickster --->Yul Trickster, talented defender.

  • The Ertheia class has only female characters and no sub-classes. You can choose only between Fighter and Wizard. They’re talented at alchemy and magic.

Lineage 2 System Requirements

Recommended Requirements

Lineage 2 System Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT or ATI Radeon X1600 series card
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or equivalent
  • File Size: 20GB
  • OS: Windows 7 32bit / Windows 8 32bit / Windows 10 32bit

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