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Lords of the Arena Review

By BwwDtt | 13 January 2021
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Lords of the Arena is an idle online strategy game with MOBA elements in which you will develop your characters, participate in PvE and PvP Challenges, and fight evil forces.

  • Many unique Heroes with different abilities
  • PVP Tournaments and Challenges
  • Clans and Raids on the powerful Bosses
  • Immersive and Simple Idle Gameplay

Lords of the Arena Gameplay

Lords of the Arena is an online RPG that also features elements of MOBA gameplay. You have to command warriors equipped with powerful weapons and magic. In the beginning, you will be able to select a team of heroes to go with you in battles against dark magic. You will be able to go through the storyline and explore your chosen characters' features to discover new strategies and opportunities in the game.

In this game, you will have to train heroes to fight monsters and other deadly creatures lurking in a dark world. According to the game's plot, the Empire's inhabitants lived in peace and harmony for many years, but it's time to draw your blades again. An army of unknown warriors besieges the capital. You will have to choose one of the sides of the conflict and engage in battle. You can choose between Alliance (humans), Forest (elves) and Chaos (demons and undead).

As you continue playing, you can upgrade your heroes in true RPG style — you can improve your weapons and armour as well as unlock new abilities. The gameplay is easy and accessible for beginners, and you can play as one of several different fantasy factions. Regardless of which side you choose, you can assemble a unique squad of mighty heroes and pump up their skills. You can also arm your heroes with artefacts; four special skills and nine equipment levels are available to each.

Battle with other players in the PvP arena, divided into 9 Leagues, and take the top of the ladder. You will receive not only rating points for taking part in these battles, but you'll also receive various valuable prizes that will allow you to fight more effectively. You can also participate in Guild Events and Weekly Championships. All battles in Lords of the Arena will take place in turn-based mode, and the rest of the time you will be improving and training new squads of fighters. The game is available both on PC and mobile devices; you can download it for free in AppStore and Google Play.