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Lords Mobile Review

By BwwDtt | 09 December 2019
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Lords Mobile — one of the most popular mobile multiplayer projects combining MMORPG and strategy.

  • Diverse gameplay
  • Good visual component
  • The presence of an in-game store
  • Ability to level your own hero and purchase new ones
  • Pvp events and arenas

Lords Mobile Gameplay

Lords Mobile is a massively multiplayer mobile game developed by I Got Games studio under their own publishing house. Lords Mobile is distributed as a free app with built-in in-game purchases. The game’s audience is tens of millions of users around the world. The release took place in 2017.

In the storyline, the player is the lord participating in the battle for power over the lands.

The gameplay of Lords Mobile is quite multifaceted and consists of several modes. These modes include tests of heroes, a labyrinth and the Colosseum. The latter refers to the PvP mode, where players push their heroes together in the struggle for rating. The higher the player’s rating, the more valuable the reward received at the end of the season will be.

One of the main tasks during the game in Lords Mobile will be the construction and improvement of your castle. The construction of new buildings and the upgrade of existing ones will contribute to strengthening the defenses of the fortress, as well as increasing the strength and strength of the player’s army. Like games like Clash of Clans, resources play a significant role here. So that they were in abundance, it is recommended that you immediately begin to build sawmills, mines, quarries and farms.

At the start, Lords Mobile helps beginners to get comfortable. The oracle, which is a kind of guide to the game world, explains in detail the mechanics of the application. To understand what to do after training, a special section of recommended tasks was introduced into the game. Performing these tasks, the player will be able to quickly figure out the actions necessary for further development and at the same time will receive many useful rewards.

The game boasts a wide variety of types of troops: foot soldiers, archers, ballista and others. Each unit is unique in its own way and has a certain effectiveness against other species. Such diversity provides tremendous opportunities to create your own strategy.

The battle process in Lords Mobile takes place with a top view. From two opposite sides in the battle, the army of the player and the enemy collides. The outcome of the battle is affected by the size of the army, its strength and fighting spirit. The player’s hero is also an important victory factor: the higher his level, the more good he will be able to bring in battle.

The player’s character, who is also a hero, plays a significant role both on the battlefield and in the defense of the castle. Lords Mobile has a large number of heroes with various characteristics and skills. New heroes are opened by passing tests, which are linear turn-based auto-battles in duns with mobs. Each hero belongs to one of three classes: strength, dexterity and intelligence.

The game has developed a guild system in which all members of the Lords Mobile community are united. Joining one of these guilds gives certain bonuses in strengthening the castle, and encourages additional rewards.

Lords Mobile is a freeware game, so a lot of emphasis by developers is placed on the internal store. Donut is an optional condition for a comfortable pastime; however, it greatly simplifies the gameplay and saves time.

Lords Mobile is recommended for all fans of massively multiplayer mobile games, as well as fans of applications such as Clash Royale, Vikings: War of Clans, Boom Beach and others.