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Lost Ark Review

By EnKite | 13 August 2019
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Lost Ark is an online isometric MMORPG game from Korean developers known for the CrossFire shooter.

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Fast and interesting gameplay
  • Huge number of dungeons
  • A lot of game mechanics

Lost Ark Gameplay

Lost Ark has a huge open world with many secrets and mysteries. The interactive environment has objects such as vines, ropes and cables, which helps players during the adventure. They allow exploring vertical levels of locations. In Lost Ark, there are almost no instances; they are used only temporarily and for battles. Some places are designed with puzzles and multilayered location building. The world of Lost Ark is also filled with dynamic events, such as the accidental opening of the chaos gates.

Lost Ark has dozens of exciting activities that are interesting to explore with friends. Each class is unique, the territory is vivid and diverse, and the story is built with an eye on a successful Hollywood series. The chapters end with unexpected turns, and you will want to revise the battle scenes several times. This is an entertainment that fans of online RPGs would like to explore.

Plot quests take heroes through dozens of regions, familiarize with the surrounding world and amusingly built dungeons. This staging is worth of single-player hits. At the same time, developers rarely use prerendered videos. Critical events often occur at the moment when the main character fights with monsters. The plot of Lost Ark tells about the search for the ark, which can stop the invasion of evil forces. Lost Ark's story and gameplay unfold in the dungeon-like locations. The story and events have a real impact on the gaming world, but only within the dungeons. There are also standard side quests and hidden quests in the game. They are not necessary to perform, but finding new tasks is very interesting. Moreover, the game has a relationship system with NPC: you can improve your relationship by playing a musical instrument, completing a task or giving a gift.

At the end of the story, sea exploration become available, which provides islands exploration and treasure hunting. Non-playable characters offer you to climb to the top of the Tower of Challenges, where the power of enemies increases with each floor. Every day, an order to kill a giant spawned in an open world appears on the quest board. Already explored places can be transformed by the actions of the dragons, underground worms, or other large creatures. Depending on the selected level of difficulty, you can fight alone or only with the support of a team. In addition to one of the latest updates in Lost Ark, the developers added a huge amount of marine content. It includes fishing, treasure hunting, secret locations, and bosses of the sea. In Lost Ark, you can even discover and take control of new islands, visit shipwrecks and dive for treasures. Marine content has many immersive activities and stunning landscapes.

The gameplay is very close to the Diablo series, but it has several major changes. The character enters the territory filled with a large number of monsters and erases them out of existence. Then they perform the tasks and returns to a peaceful settlement, where they communicate with other people, trade with them, and forge the equipment. This cycle repeats endlessly, but due to the variety of opponents, the mechanics and availiable items, it is not dull. Random events, as well as unexpected orders from good creatures, also contribute to this. You will always have to collect resources within some time, reach the control position and battle the powerful mutant to complete daily quest.

In the main menu, the player improves the techniques with special effects or changes their essence. They will burn or slow down targets, give shields to partners, or give them invulnerability for a second. There are dozens of existing skills, but only four spells are displayed on the ability panel. This forces players to select combinable attacks and constantly try new sets.

The PvP system allows players to fight in clan clashes, duels on the arena and slaughterhouses three vs three. PK is available on a pirate island, where you can fight on the ships. If you die in this mode, you will lose a part of the experience and even risk losing your gear. The developers also plan to add large-scale wars involving thousands of fighters, championships, and rating competitions in additions.

Lost Ark Classes

The main feature of Lost Ark is classes, which were declared as much as eighteen at the release. Gameplay mechanics are fundamentally distinct for different roles; each of them has a unique interface, weapons, and type of energy. The Tripod system is used in to develop skills: it allows you to change them in different ways, such as elements, effect, and area of action. The same ability can vary depending on the build, which brings the character development to a decent level and transforms the visual effects of the combat.

While other developers are trying to avoid the classic class triad of healer, tank and damage-dealer, the creators of Lost Ark used this simple scheme to make the well-balanced and stable system of team combat.

In addition to classes, Lost Ark also has peaceful professions with appropriate skills. There are some quite unusual among them such as archaeologist and astronomer. Skills related to specializations are called life skills. They have a development tree, and all changes are visually displayed. For example, if you change the fishing rod to a net, you will see it in the game.

Warrior classes:

Berserker — master of battles; they break into the first rows of the fight and face dozens of opponents at a time. These heroes use large two-handed swords which cause severe damage in seconds.
Destroyer — a single blow of this character is enough to destroy the enemy. The Destroyer uses a huge hammer filled with the energy of lightning and thunder. In the heat of battle, the hero is able to slow down enemies to conduct a deadly combination of attacks.
Warlord — always the first to break into battle; its main task is to protect allies, and it can easily withstand a hail of attacks. The hero is armed with a heavy shield and a bayonet rifle. He's clumsy, but this defect is more than compensated for by his exceptionally high defensive performance.
Holy Knight — in battle, they accumulate Faith, which can be spent on two blessings depending on the situation: to strengthen allies or buff their own attack. In terms of weapons, Holy Knight uses a rather unusual combination of a long single-handed sword and a special holy book, like a classic Paladin.

Mage classes:

Arcana — a hybrid class that combines both agility and magical special abilities; the Arcana moves quickly across the battlefield and deals damage to enemies with sharp and explosive maps. As the battle progresses, the Arcana can activate unique cards from their deck. Each of them has specific buffs and abilities.
Bard — a spirit of the team; they're especially valuable in long raids or large-scale battles. Their mission is to help and heal allies. However, despite their weak defensive performance, Bards can protect themselves from some attacks.
Summoner — quite weak in close combat, but it's compensated by their magical powers. They never go into battle alone; the Summoner is always surrounded by ancient spirits, illusions and other incredible fantastic creatures.

Fighter classes:

Battle Master — real martial arts master with steel fists; the Battle Master moves swiftly across the battlefield, quickly makes incredible combos and disappears instantly. When these characters collect enough energy, they can launch particularly powerful attacks and destroy an entire army of opponents. It's the fastest of the game classes.
Soul Master — uses unique martial arts techniques who can attack enemies from all distances. This class is very versatile. It is quite mobile, resilient, and has good damage. Soul Master can deal enormous damage across an entire area on the map.
Infighter — uses large force gauntlets. Each strike of this class is a skilful sequence of crushing attacks. It's fast, mobile and deadly! The hero is well balanced, allowing her to stay in the epicentre of battle all the time, showing her enemies mind-blowing deadly combos.
Lance Master — an adherent of the school of Two Lights. Agile and fast Spear Master draws strength from the energy of the Sun, using the lightning attacks of the battle spear. These heroes also use the power of the moon for AoE attacks. The ability to change combat strategies and weapons at the most unexpected moment leaves no chance for the enemies.

Gunner classes:

Devil Hunter — a talented assassin armed with several types of firearms at once; the rifle allows you to fight at long range, revolvers are indispensable at medium range, and if the enemy is too close, a powerful shotgun will help. The Hunter can easily switch between these types of weapons and smash the enemies.
Blaster — not the most mobile character, but one of the most powerful ones; the huge cannon of this class serves as a rocket launcher, grenade launcher, machine gun and even flamethrower. In addition, Blaster can use a real portable turret and turn into dust whole crowds of enemies.
Hawkeye — a class of long-ranged heroes who deals the most serious damage to the enemies; Hawkeye also has a bow and a quiver of sharp arrows. During the battle, the Ranger can summon a dangerous mechanical falcon to help, which automatically attacks enemies in rapid flight.
Scouter — a long-ranged class that uses advanced technologies such as drones and blasters, laser guns and sci-fi armour to destroy hordes of enemies.

Assassin classes:

Blade — the perfect killer; they are perfect in close combat and usually uses paired daggers, but if necessary allows a long sword. In battle, the Blade can enter a combat trance, increasing speed and attack power.
Demonic — the unbreakable in combat heroes who can combine the brute force of demons with the attacks of two-blade daggers. The Order of Killers draws dark energy from a fragment of the Red Moon to take on the demonic form, which powers monstrous attacks that overwhelm enemies in terror.

Lost Ark Release Date

Just over a year after the launch of OBT, the Korean version of the isometric MMORPG Lost Ark reached full release on December 4, 2019. At the same time, a significant update was installed on the servers, adding a new class of Holy Knight.

After a month of CBT, the Russian version of the long-awaited MMORPG Lost Ark entered the open beta testing stage on October 27, 2019, and is now available for everyone. It's supported and distributed by corporation, and their version of the game will receive full voicing and translation soon. You can download the client for free and go in search of the Lost Ark from the official site.

The CBT of Japanese Lost Ark version is scheduled from 09.07.2020 to 20.07.2020. It's the only version that will be released in the near future, and it's the main focus of the developers.

Lost Ark US release

Lost Ark will not be coming to North America in 2020 as the developer Smilegate doesn't have any plans for western expansion soon. Last year, Smilegate said that Lost Ark would someday arrive at EU and NA. Since then, there was no information told about the development, and it seems like Lost Ark will not receive a Western release anytime soon. Smilegate do not have any plans for NA release at the moment; they are focused on the existing versions and the upcoming Japanese release. Most likely, the NA version will be announced after the Japanese and Chinese testings and the full release of the Russian version.

Lost Ark Western Release

Back in 2018, it was confirmed that Lost Ark is coming to the west. Since that time there was no news about European versions of the game. Most likely, Lost Ark won't be released in CBT until at least 2021.

How to play Lost Ark

The easiest and safest way to play Lost Ark is to play Russian version of the game: it has more loyal terms of use, so it's possible to play LA using VPN. In 2020, the previous distributor of Lost Ark in Russia created a new brand MY.GAMES which brings together all their games. This project is positioned as a global game platform, and it allows playing Lost Ark for players all around the world. Still, the game has no English localization, and it might be problematic to understand the controls of the game.

You can explore the differences between launchers here; you can also find a guide on how to register in MyGames here.

Lost Ark System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 4GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 460
  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • File Size: 50Gb
  • OS: Windows 7 x64

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 660
  • CPU: Intel Core i5
  • File Size: 50Gb
  • OS: Windows 7 x64